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The Manhunt

No description

Nick Middleton

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of The Manhunt

Manhunt The poem is based on a soldier who came back from a war zone
phisically and mentally damaged. He was a United Nations peacekeeper. In the poem his wife tries to get back the man she married. In the poem the writer says "only then would he
let me" This shows that the man is in conrol because he wont let her examine him. Then later on it says "only then could I" here the woman is getting a little bit of control. In the poem the writer mentions "the parachute silk of his punctured lung" The parachue represents the saviour of there relationship as a parachute would save a life. The writer says "to a sweating, unexloded mine buried deep in his mind" The writer uses "unexploded mine" because it symbolises that the man is very fragile and she has to be very carefull because she could damage the relationship as a mine would damage everything near it if it went off. "The foetus of metal benath his chest where the bullet had finally come to rest" The bullet is next to his heart and it needs to be removed as it could do alot more damage if it is left in.
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