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The Fourth of July

No description

Taylor Fann

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of The Fourth of July

The Fourth of July
by: Audre Lorde
Dylan Blackburn, Sierra Boggs, and Taylor Fann

Summary of Main Ideas
In "The Fourth of July" Lorde is describing a summer vacation she and her family took to Washington D.C. They took the vacation because her sister, Phyllis, was graduating from high-school, but since she was black, she was not allowed to go on the trip with the rest of her classmates, and also because Lorde was graduating from the 8th grade which meant that she was supposed to "stop being a child." Through the experience, Lorde was forced to see the reality of the real world, and the racism blacks face.

Thesis Statement
Race should not matter because it denies people opportunity's, but it still does not decide their destiny, or define love.
Body Paragraph 1
Topic Sentence: Race should not deny someone the same opportunities as others.

"Daddy explained to her, also in private, that they did not rent rooms to Negroes."
"The waitress moved along the line of us closer to my father and spoke again. I said "I kin give you to take out, but you cant eat here. Sorry""
These quotes show how blacks were denied at many places. Even a simple hotel room or eating at a resturant.

Body Paragraph 2
Topic Sentence: Race should not matter because it does not enable a person from achieving their goals or succeeding.

"We will take you to Washington ourselves, my father had avowed, and not just for an overnight in some measly fleabag hotel."
Just because the school would not let his daughter go to Washington with them, he did everything he could to get her there, and he did.

Body Paragraph 3
Topic Sentence: Being of a difference race does not defy the power of love.

"We were told we must never trust white people...It always seemed like a very strange injunction coming from my mother, who looked so much like one of those people we were never suppose to trust...so different from my father and me..."
Even though Lorde's mother and father did not have the same skin color, they still loved each other. Their race didn't matter.

The color of someones skin should not matter in America, or anywhere. We are all equal human beings. Denying people the same opportunities as other people is wrong, but having a different race does not defy love or stop someone from succeeding.
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