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Keith and Cameron

No description

lib hist

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of Keith and Cameron

Medal of honor
Jacob wilson parrot
These soldiers showed honor in the heat of action when their country needed them.honor which is one of the aspects that these soldiers showed, is when you show high respect.
Sammy davis
Hershel woody williams
Keith and Cameron
William harvey carney
the medal of honor is a medal you cant make an effort to learn
only about 3,500 people have earned the medal of honor
these people earned the medal of honor by showing great acts of courage,honor,patriotism, and valor
only the president cna present or give someone the medal of honor
Sammy Davis was a soldier who showed great acts of patriotism,valor,honor, and courage in the Vietnam war
Sammy Davis wanted to go into the war to make his dad proud and fight for his country
Sammy Davis was shot severall times but kept fighting and went and saved three other wounded soldiers while he was injured
he was also able to fire off five rounds of the howitzer witch took out sveral men
"William was awarded with the medal of honor for his gallantry during the battle of Fort Wagner in 1863."

William was the first black sgt. that has gotten the medal of honor award.
William had a slave family and was born a slave.
He escaped through the underground railroad sources say.

Jacob was the first US army recipient to get the medal of honor. When the award first came out he was the first to get it. Jacob participated in the "Great Locomotive chase". During 1862 the civil war. He and 21 others raided the General then he was caught and imprisoned.
Hershel Woody Williams was a great soldier who showed many acts of courage,honor,valor, and patrotism when fighting in the war.
Hershel was drafted into the war in 1945.
hershel found a way to in the war by finding the spots of pillboxes with soldiers firing at the inside of the pillbox.
Hershel was armed with a weapon called the flamethrower which he used to kill many enemy soldiers.When Hershel was awarded the medal of honor he honored his fellow soldiers who fought in the war, and died in the war
These medal of honor recipients showed patriotism in many ways,for example Sammy L Davis wanted to be in the army ever since he was little.Patriotism is when someone supports their country.
Medal of honor recipients showed courage while fighting for their country.Courage is an good thing that these soldiers showed.Courage is when you show acts of bravery which is what these soldiers did.
Valor is one of the greatest acts that these soldiers showed when fighting for their country. These soldiers showed valor when their country needed them the most.Valor is when you show great acts of courage in the face of danger, and that's what these soldiers did.
Our opinion is that these soldiers deserve the medal of honor for all the risk they too, for example fighting in combat and putting their lives on the line for our country, and our freedom
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