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Mairin Sone

on 14 June 2014

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Transcript of Wolcott

Bristow Middle school
Bristow Middle School is West Hartfords third middle school. It opened in 2005. They have about 400 students. Grades 6-8. I think it should be visited because the school is named after the slave Bristow that bought his own freedom. And the kids can see a memorial for Bristow at the school.
Address: 34 Highland St, West Hartford, CT 06119
Wolcott Park
Final Project

It has a playgound for the children to play on. Many athletic fields for sports like baseball and soccer. There is a consetion stand for sporting events and there are bathrooms. Also there is a pond so you can go fishing . I think that wolcott park should visit this spot because it is a perfect place for families to walk around and have fun with people from your community
Address: New Britain Ave & Wolcott Rd, West Hartford, CT 06110
Conard High School
Conard High School was opened in 1957. And was named after Frederick Conard. He was the Board of Education chairman at the time of the school's planning. It is ranked number 2 in the state. I think it should be visited because there are intresting facts about Conard people don't know and there is memorial for soliers who fought in WW2 in the front of the building . Address: 110 Beechwood Rd, West Hartford, CT 06107
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