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Copy of Alpha Kappa Psi - Recruitment Presentation

Presentation for pledge information meetings

Onochie Onyegbule

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Alpha Kappa Psi - Recruitment Presentation

Alpha Kappa Psi
"Shaping people, Shaping Business"
Nick Hyde
Hometown: Galena, IL
Major: Accounting
Pledged: Fall '09
Favorite Part of Alpha Kappa Psi: Helping pledges and freshmen prepare for the business world.
Fraternity History
Founded at New York University on October 5th, 1904
Co-Ed in 1976; Oldest and largest professional business fraternity
The Chi Omicron chapter at William Paterson University was chartered April 26, 2014
Why Join?
Over 300 college chapters including international chapters in Hong Kong, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
6 Chapters in New Jersey
Over 80 alumni chapters
Over 300,000 members and growing.
Professional Benefits
Time Management
Stress Management
Strengthened Resume Skills
Lifelong Brotherhood
So, what's the big picture?
What skills can one expect to learn?
Academic and Membership Benefits
Leadership Development
Personal and Professional Training
Lifelong Friendships
Networking Opportunities
Professional Development
Community Service
Ability to apply for national fraternal scholarships
Job and Internship Opportunities through:
o Local area Alumni
o Alpha Kappa Psi partners with “YouTern” and "Gradspring"

Other Advantages
Professional & Leadership Development
Community Services
Interview Preparations
Resume Development
Formals, Banquets, & Social Events
Professional Programs & Speakers
Networking: Nationally & Internationally

Our National Fraternity Programs Include:
Here are the Requirements:
Enrolled full-time in any major at WPU
Interested in becoming a member of a professional business fraternity
Willingness to pay chapter fees
Completion of a membership education program
Involvement in planning professional, social, and service activities
Must be a 2nd semester freshman and have a required minimum GPA of 2.5
Any Questions?

Follow us on IG and Twitter: @Akpsi_wpu

Find us on Facebook: Alpha Kappa Psi - William Paterson University Chi Omicron Chapter

Visit our website: wpuakpsi.org

Email us at: wpunjalphakappapsi@gmail.com
Notable Alumni
Notable Alumni:

U.S. President Ronald Reagan (1981–1989) (Alpha Zeta)
U.S. President Richard Nixon (1969–1974) (Beta Omicron)
Malcolm 'Steve' Forbes Jr., Owner of Forbes Magazine (Eta Delta)
J. Willard Marriott, Founder, Marriott International (Beta Mu)
Seth C. Beise, President, Bank of America (Alpha Eta)
Murray M. Baker, President, Caterpillar Inc. (Gamma Theta)
Leonard Firestone, President, Firestone Tire and Rubber Company (Alpha Zeta)
Harry A. Bullis, Chairman of the Board, General Mills (Alpha Eta)
Samuel F. Hinkle, President, The Hershey Company (Gamma Epsilon)
Harrison Jones, Chairman of the Board, The Coca-Cola Company (Pi)
Arjay R. Miller, President, Ford Motor Company (Phi)
David Hartman, original host of Good Morning America (Beta Eta)
Errol Barnett, Anchor and Correspondent for CNN International (Alpha Upsilon)

More than 61 current or past university presidents nationwide
Over 50 current and past governors
o Case Competition
o Principled Business Leadership Institute
o The Academy

o The College of Leadership
Core Values:

Alpha Kappa Psi is recognized as the premier developer of principled business leaders.

Professional Fraternity Council (PFC)
How can the PFC help WPUNJ Greek Senate?
Increase the awareness of professional fraternities on campus
Create a spirit of fellowship among campus chapters
Serve as a cooperative for sharing ideas, common resources, experiences, and concerns
Act as a liaison between corporate partners and our student body.
What is PFC?
he PFC supports professional fraternities and sororities in a host of ways to preserve high standards in leadership and scholarship on campus and professional practice in our communities. The PFC has become a strong alliance of fraternal organizations representing 2 million professionals and students and disciplines including:

and many more
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