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by Christine EW

Christine Edhie Wahidin

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Fireworks

Fireworks By: Christine EW How do they actually work? 2012 Olympics New Year Sydney New Year Sydney New Year London New Year Paris 2012 Olympics New Year Russia New Year New York New Year Sydney New Year New York New Year Dubai New Year Dubai It's a big question that not everybody thinks
of until somebody else asks them. Why did I
choose Fireworks? I've been wondering how fireworks work since I was 6 when I saw Japan Disney land's fireworks. A question I asked myself when I watched the Olympics was "what makes the Olympics so stunning, other than the competitions?" Well, it all started with
a Chinese chef. The History One day, he
spilled salt
over the fire. The result of the
accident was a
spark of
purple flame. People nowadays can enjoy a glittery, shimmery show. Thanks for
Watching! Fireworks are mainly made out of a various kind of chemicals and a flame that explodes the whole thing. What About the Colours are formed by the different minerals and chemicals you put inside the shell; they are called stars Copper Colours Sparkles Sodium Potassium Titanium Strontium Lithium http://chemistry.about.com/od/fireworkspyrotechnics/a/fireworkelement.htm Sparkly Aluminum Stabilizes Zinc Mini Firework example Glittery Antimony Glows Phosphorus Titanium Silvery Spark Smoke Carbon Shooting Calcium What was the thing
they used
to light the
called? QUIZ!! What do you
need to
make a real
Name them. What
Flames? What Colour Flame
am I making? What Substances am I using? Is this
COOL?!? What
Flames? Who
fireworks? Explain the
process. Deepens the Colour How is the Colour of the Fireworks Deepened? What is needed to make a Smokey
Trail after the Firework? STARS Special Thanks
to: Linda Nguyen for giving me comments
Mum (Rachel) for buying the ingredients and for keeping the house still standing and not in ashes
Sister (Michelle) for being a sticky-beak and correcting
my work at every slightest mistakes
The kind website About.Com, for I wouldn't have got
all my information without it
The YouTube videos
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