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Tripp Williams

No description

tripp williams

on 17 April 2016

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Transcript of Tripp Williams

Some of the people that influenced Ernest were renowned artists such as Edvard Munh and Vincent Van Gogh. His influences also include his environment which indicates that he moved from the city life to the rural life as his paintings were more rural oriented.
Street, Dresden
This particular piece represents life on a street in Dresden. Ernst used dark colors to express a gloomy mood. The lady on the right seems to be virtually lifeless. This painting represents the hustle and bustle of city life in Dresden. Since German Expressionism is during the time of the first world war, the people are probably dissatisfied with Germany's actions and roles in the war. The lady may seem lifeless becuase she may be starving in a time of deep hardship.
I seem to genuinely enjoy Ernst's work. Although most of them seem sad and slightly upsetting, he was extremely articulate in the amount of details he included in his work. It is obvious to see that he thoroughly enjoyed art and respected it. His art is probably gloomy and sad, because most of it reflects the time of war in the early 1900s.
Ernst was born in raised in Bavaria and was regarded as one of Germany's most influential expressionists. He studied architecture at the Dresden technical high school. His paintings had a carpet-like two dimensional feeling, and he later moved out to the country side which prompted him to paint his surroundings
Tripp Williams
Expressionism project
Name: Ernst ludwig Kirchner
Dates: 1880-1938
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