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Plot Elements of "Fine"?

No description

Mohamed Gueye

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of Plot Elements of "Fine"?

"Fine?" Summary
The short story, "Fine?" by Margaret Peterson Haddix is about a young girl, Bailey, who has compliations with her health. She is confused where her future will take her. She reminisces about her past and regrets some of her choices. As the story unflods, she wonders wich direction her health would lead her. After being diagnosed with just a migrane, she realizes her life is something to be valued and taken seriously
Bailey is a 16 year old girl who is in the hospital waiting to get an MRI with her mother because she lost control of her body in algebra. She was not able to speak ,hear ,write , or stand properly.
Rising action
Bailey is in the MRI machine wondering what is wrong with her. She is thinking about her funeral.

Bailey finds out she must stay overnigh for more testing and her mother cannot stay with her.

She is led to the adult wing of the hospital and her room mate is an elderly woman.

The next day, as Bailey is going for a test, Bailey's mother calls and says her car won't start and she will be there as soon as she can.

Bailey gets a painful EKG and feels if no one cares and she is alone
Bailey relazies her life can go one of two ways; n ordinary existence or a life in the hospital. Her neurologist comes with her test results. As her heart is pounding , and there'sa surge of blood in her ears, She perpares herself to hear the results of her testing.
Falling Action/ Resolution
Dr. Rogers informs Bailey that she had a migrane headache. All of Bailey's fears instantly recede and she is estatic that she will resume her ordnary life as a 16 year old girl.
The introduction when the characthers and setting are introduced
The most exciting part and suspense is at an all time high
Plot Elements of "Fine?"
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