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Copy of Literature Lesson

No description

Christine Kratzel

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Literature Lesson

What is Literary Analysis?
What are some questions that will be asked of me in the Literary Analysis Section?
How do I attack the Literary Analysis Section?
1. If you are able to see the questions, READ the questions FIRST! Doing this may give you a glimpse of the main points of the story and what the test will be asking you to do.

2. Do a "Cold Read"- this is also called a COMPREHENSION read. This is a quick read that should give you a BASIC understanding of the story's:
Plot or sequence of events
Main Characters
After the "Cold Read" you should ask yourself, "Does this story make sense as a whole?

3. Lastly, Reread the story (2nd read) for INTERPRETATION- this is a much SLOWER read than the Cold Read. You are reading in order to "fill" the pieces of the puzzle that are not directly stated. Pay attention to the mood of the story, purpose, tone, character's motivation and point of view.
PARCC Review
Mrs. Kratzel
Literary Analysis Lesson
Literary means "story" or "relating to literature"

Therefore, you will read a story in that section.

What do stories typically have?

Characters, setting, plot
What does the word "analysis" mean?
The word analysis comes from the phrase "to analyze"

To analyze something means to look closely or examine closely.
Author's Purpose
Character Analysis: Looking more deeply into a character
Setting or how the story reflects a time period
about a story
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