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WASHwatch.org User Guide

No description

Robyn Waite

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of WASHwatch.org User Guide

User Guide: Navigating WASHwatch.org
How to Select a Country from the Home Page
Welcome to WASHwatch.org

Your number one source of information on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) commitments.

Before you start using WASHwatch.org, take a quick tour on how to use the site.

Thank you for joining the WASHwatch.org community!

If you have any questions, do not hesitation to contact us at: info@washwatch.org

From the Home Page you can do the following:
You will be brought to the Country Summary Page.
From the Summary Page you can do the following:
From the Options Box, selecting “Key” produces the following:
From the Options Box, selecting “Comment” produces the following:
You can also add or remove countries to compare scores.
To Add Countries
To Remove Countries
The Country Summary Page will update accordingly.
New Features include the "Download" and "Scroll Function"
From the Options Box selecting "Download" produces the following:
Why not print a copy to share with others, use in reports, and support your advocacy work?
When scrolling down the page you may notice the following:
To View Commitment Indicators
You will be brought to the Country Details Page.
This commitment has two indicators.
Consider the following when reading this page:
From the Country Details Page you can find evidence to support indicator scores.
You will be brought to the Indicator Evidence Page.
Available evidence for the scroll will be presented in the blue outlined box.
Now that you know how to navigate WASHwatch.org go explore!
Navigating the Home Page
Navigating the Country Summary Page
Navigating the Country Commitments Page
Navigating the Country Details Page
To View Commitment Indicators
You will be brought to the Country Commitments Page.
Navigating the Indicator Evidenve Page
WASHwatch.org : A Guide for Users
Welcome to the WASHwatch.org Home Page
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