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No description

Evgenii Khudnev

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of lingeria

- 3 shops selling together
- selling the same & individual products
- 3 different stock locations
- target customer: women at the age of 30-50
sell same products for the same price online
ordering all the products together -> better order discounts
same sold products will be splited equally
individual product sales are kept for the selling company
define a responsible person
Technical environment
Rent a central server
Offer customer service (CMS)
Wordpress + WooCommerce
Twitter bootstrap
Customer support (CRM)
Social media
Establishing the social media for marketing strategies.

Combining the shopping experience for the customer with the social medias.
82% of the women customers purchase via laptop
77% of the women want the best price available
60% care about free shipping
53% of the target customers bought over the internet in the last 3 months
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