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A Mango Shaped Space Prezi

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Molly Pezzano

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of A Mango Shaped Space Prezi




The main characters are Mia Winchell, her best friend Jenna, Mango her cat, Billy Henckle, her mom; Mrs. Winchell, her dad; Mr. Winchell, her sister Beth Winchell, Roger a friend from school, Adam, and her brother Zach Winchell.
Some more of the characters are Mia's other friends, Dr. Jerry Weiss, Molly, Sara, and Kimberly.
Mia is a 13 year old girl who loves to paint, listen to music, being in the outdoors, and hanging out with her cat. She also loves to be with her best friend, Jenna. Mia always participates in activities with her and supports her through everything. Mia also has a special gift where when she hears a noise, a shape with a certain color would pop up in the air. When she meets people their name will pop up in the air in a certain color and texture. Mia memorizes numbers, notes and people like that. Later in the story Mia is sent to a doctor and she meets people just like her on a website.
Jenna, Mia's best friend is a kind of person who always is a hard working and a great friend. She understands a lot of things and discusses them with her best friend but often misunderstands things. She doesn't like to keep secrets from Mia, or Mia keeping them from her either.
Mango; Mia's cat. The reason Mia has Mango is because when Mia's grandfather died she was at the cemetery and she spotted mango. She thought he had eyes like her grandfather. Because he was a stray cat he was wheezing a little when she found him, she went to the vet and they said that as long as he's not out the cold and takes his pill every night he'll be fine for about a month, Mango is still alive over a year later. Mia also named him mango because his fur looked like a mango color. Mango also sleeps at the foot Mia's bed every night.
A Mango Shaped Space
By Wendy Mass
Realistic Fiction
It's realistic fiction because it's basically like a life story; this could definitely happen in real life too.
Billy Henkle is a five year old kid who Mia met at the grocery store and really felt that they had a lot things in common. He is a little boy with lots of imagination, has synthesia just like Mia, and loves Mia Winchell too.
Mrs. Winchell, Mia's mother is always very supportive of Mia at tough times. Whenever Mia has something to do she reminds her to do them all the time.
Mia's dad, Mr. Winchell, is very efficient and is always working on something for work or adding things onto their house with Mia's uncle.
Beth is Mia's older sister and is always finding ways to get Mia in trouble. She thinks she is a diva besides the fact that she is 17 years old. Beth often changes her thoughts and opinions on things like conserving the earth and animals.
Roger, Mia's friend from school. He can be shy and somewhat of a nerd at times. He has always liked Mia but never told her. Together they make a smart pair!
Adam is a nice, sophisticated boy in ninth grade. He meets Mia on the website for people with synesthesia. He is really nice to Mia and finally meets her in person at a meeting for people with that disease.
Zach is Mia's little brother who is eleven years old and always is the superstitious one in the family. Everyone in his family thinks he's crazy. He can sometimes be really nice to his sisters or really mean.

In the introduction Mia is at the chalkboard when she was in third grade and had to go up to the board and do a math problem, but it was hard for her because all the numbers had colors. When she was that young she didn't know that nobody else was seeing what she was seeing. She tried to write the problem in the colors she saw them in to make it easier; her teacher thought she just wanted to have fun and so did her parents so she was sent to the office.

Rising Action
In the rising action of the book Mia finally told her friends and family about her seeing all these different colors and textures in the air. When she told her parents they were shocked, and went to the pediatrician, after an unsuccessful checkup there, he sent her to a therapist. After talking to Mia about not having a lot of attention in the family and being the middle child, the therapist sent Mia to a doctor especially for synesthia. He recommended a site to interact with other people with this disease. He also said that synthesia is a rare disease but everybody's is different if they have it too. That's also where she met Adam. After being on the site for a few days she was invited to a meeting where a bunch of other people were going to be there with synthesia. Mia was also invited to Jenna's birthday party too.

The Climax
Mia starts getting notes from Adam through the site the doctor recommended to her. She attends the meeting and is shocked by all the different kinds of synesthesia there are.When she gets home she is looking for Mango finally finds him out in the cold where's he's not supposed to be. She cuddles with him to make him feel better, then he starts twitching and Mia tells her parents to go to the vet but it's raining really hard and all the roads are blocked off so they couldn't make it. Now all Mia sees is a Mango shaped space at the foot of her bed.
The Falling Action

In the falling action Mia ended up not being able to go to Jenna's party. Jenna is very sad and mad at Mia because she didn't know what had happened. After connecting with Billy at the grocery store Mia's been searching for him ever since. Finally she finds him and tells his mother but she doesn't listen to her.

The Resolution
In the resolution Mia finally gets in touch with Billy and gives him a head start that she didn't have. Billy's mom thanks her and leaves smiling ear to ear. Billy also has synthesia. Jenna finds out why Mia couldn't make it to her party and Mia and her family are invited to the neighbor's house with the rest of the neighborhood for Hanukkah. She feels much better after talking with Jenna and working things out.
The story takes place in Mia's house it is important to her and the story because it's where Mia was born and family events happen there too. There are emotional discussions that happen at her house and are meant to stay there.
The first conflict in the story is when Mia finds out that she has synthesia and is going to have to get a math tutor to help her because she's been failing math because of her synthesia. The math tutor helps tremendously and Mia and her parents are really proud of her for working really hard towards this.
The next conflict is when she has been working on a history project and was assigned to do with three other people and she was assigned to paint a picture of a boat for them. On the day of when it was due she forgot it at her house, she called home hoping that one of her parents were home and thank god her dad was. She told him to find the painting in her room and hurry to school, he made it just in time for her to present.
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