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Mylocalgenius Pitch Deck

Presentation by Mylocalgenius SDN BHD

Kai Broek

on 29 August 2016

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Transcript of Mylocalgenius Pitch Deck

FMCG Companies have a problem at the Point of Sale at their Retailers
What do we do?
Image based Crowdsourced
Market Research
Big Data Handling for the Consumer Goods industry
Target Market
Quo of Co
Interested? I bet you are!
Get in touch with us anytime:


+6013 290 7210
50% of all promotions are not done right
product presentation not right
115 Bn USD lost due to out of stock in ASIA (50% of the worldwide loss)
increasing number of private label brands
1 Mn + shops
in SEA
the countries
+remote places
Old system: not enough info can be obtained in given time from various places

Think of a festive season promo. If the customer knows after the festive season, that the promotion was not set up, it is too late.
limited time to
After data collection we analyse the data and the customer gets their report
Our Solution
Use of microjobbers
to collect pictures
from products in shops
across the country
Top 10 Consumer Good Co's
per country = 400 prospects per country

South East Asia
4.8% Retail Growth (among highest worldwide)

estimated 9.8 Bn MYR market volume

Competitive Landscape
Direct Competitors
Indirect Competitors
Customer's own ressources
sales people
anyone in marketing and
sales in peak times
DKSH internal Co
Market Entry
Malaysia Indonesia Vietnam Philippines

Singapore Thailand Australia & NZ
2016 2018

4 Products
Price Checks
Spot Checks

Then upselling with

In Store Rearrangement

In Store Customer Redirection at POS
enabling our customers location based (POS) and purchase intent based redirection marketing
Microjobber Acquisition
Current Microjobbers: 826
5% organic growth p.week

Growth Strategy:
Facebook Advertisement with
0.6 MYR CPC and Conversion Rate of 8%
based on actual figures

Founded Feb '16 in KL, Malaysia

2 Founders

MVP up and running

First Customers attracted

Price level established

Business Model established

Market Demand analysed

What we need to grow
App Development Phase 1 (2nd half 2016)
200 K MYR
automated job management for microjobbers
automated image analysis with customer dashboard

Marketing Investment in User attraction to perform the jobs

Ops and Sales Staff

App Development Phase 2 (2nd half 2017
200 K MYR
for instore navigation and user re-direction at POS to other retailers / brands

Sales Strategy

Direct Sales

1 Sales Manager
per country

Social Selling
LinkedIN @ 8 MYR CPC with 2.5%
conversion rate

Synergy Selling
acquire customer in 1 country and use referral to sell to other branches
Founding Team
Kai Broek
MD and Co- Founder
In charge of: Tech & Sales

Kai is responsible for the execution of our growth strategy and for making the engine behind our services work. He was also the idea giver for founding the company.

Prior to founding Mylocalgenius, Kai successfully built up two high tech companies in South East Asia. Both are well established now and serve as main growth motors in their international sales strategy.
Elena Ann Louis
In charge of: HR & Finance

A sustainable and rapid growth must be supported by a solid financial and personal framework. Elena’s responsibility lies in Financial Controlling and HR Management.

Being no newbie in the world of founding companies, she was one of the founding partners in the largest Malaysian IT outsourcing company with 200 plus employees now. She still serves as a member of the advisory board.

Being there from day one, she knows what it takes to grow and sustain a high tech company in Asia and to make it the biggest in its market.
Company Value at Exit
Evaluation model 1:

Revenue in Exit Dec 2020: 86,631,000 MYR

15% returns (after tax, if accrued) of revenue: 12,994,650 MYR

15 x PE ratio: 194,919,750 MYR: Exit value of the company.

The 15% returns on revenue have been multiplied 15 fold, because this is an average industry value of internet companies.

Evaluation model 2:

Revenue in Exit Dec 2020: 86,631,000 MYR

Revenue x 2: 173,262,000 MYR Exit value of the company.

2 fold is the average value of internet companies.

The average of both results is: 184,090,875 MYR. This shall be used as our reference value
Calculation of Investor Share:

Investment Sum: 500,000

Intended Return on investment: (assumed 20 x) 10,000,000 MYR after 5 years

Post Money Value: 184,090,875 (Exit value) / 20 (ROI yield)

Post Money Value: 9,204,543 MYR

Pre Money Value: 9,204,543 (Post Money) - investment

Pre Money Value: 8,704,543 MYR

Investor Share (with ROI yield of 20 x ): 5.43 %
Investment Needed for Growth Strategy
1st Phase: 500 K MYR Oct '16

2nd Phase: 500 K MYR Dec'16

3rd Phase: 4 Mn MYR July '17
Investment will mainly go into
Product Development and
Sales Pipeline
Existing Customers
F&N Beverages, Malaysia
Tatini Pte Ltd, Singapore

Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Pepsi, Danone, Faber Castell, SCA Hygiene, Pelikan
Sales Pipeline
@ 80% probability

Our competitors visit our site daily by the way...
and they need to check this
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