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Copy of Phrasal Verbs.


Ashley Reina

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Phrasal Verbs.

Phrasal Verbs
Letter G
Go about
- Deal with something
- Circulate
Go across
- Move to another side or place
Go after
- Chase, try to get
The first team GOING ACROSS the river will win the championship.
The cat WENT AFTER the pigeon, but it flew away.
Go against
- Lose a decision or a verdict of a court
If the decision GOES AGAINST me, I'll go bankrupt.
Go ahead /
Go ahead with
- Proceed
We now intend to GO AHEAD WITH the final stage of the project.
Go along with
- Accept a decision or suggestion
- Accompany
I didn't really agree, but I WENT ALONG WITH the decision because I was in the minority.
Go around
- Circulate
- Be or have enough of something
- Visit
A rumour is GOING AROUND about the Attorney General.
Go away
- Leave a place or disappear
This drug should make the pain GO AWAY.
Go back
- Have a long history
- Return to, start doing something again
He and I GO BACK a long way- we were at school together.
Go before
- Precede
We can´t ignore what has GONE BEFORE and pretend that everything has been OK.
Go below
- Leave the top deck of a ship
The captain told the passengers to GO BELOW when the storm started.
Go by
- The passing of time
- Trust or depend on for correct information
- Pay a short visit, call
Ten years WENT BY before we saw each other again.
Go down
- Decrease, get smaller
- Sink
- Sunset
- Be sent to prison
- Become recorded as or known as
- Be eaten or swallowed
- Fall to the ground
- Happen, take place
The price of scanners has GONE DOWN recently.
Go for
- Attack
- Be attracted to
- Choose, select
- Try to get
- Have something favourable
- Pass for or serve as
The neighbour's dog WENT FOR the postman and bit him.
Go for it
- Be assertive and ready to initiate action. (Related to the meaning 'attack')
He was not always successful, but whatever he tried to do he would always GO FOR IT.
Go forth
-Leave a place
- Travel abroad, leave a place
He WENT FORTH and found a wife in another city.
Go forward
- Move clocks ahead
- Progress
The clocks MOVE FORWARD an hour on Sunday.
Go in for
- Enter a competition or sit an exam
- Support, advocate
- Like, have an interest in
- Make a career choice
He WENT IN FOR the photography prize, but didn't win.
Go in with
- Form a union or alliance
- Join, enter
Ask the other to GO IN WITH them on the plan.
Go out
- Stop burning, be extinguished
- Leave a place
- Go on strike
- Become infashionable
- Move backwards, of a tide
- Be eliminated in a competition
- Be transmitted
- Be sent
- Intend
Go out with
- Have a relationship with someone
He's been GOING OUT WITH his girlfriend for around six months now.
Go over
- Look at something, revise
- Visit
- Be approved or accepted
- Repeat or explain
- Clean
We WENT OVER our notes before the exam.
Go round
- Be or have enough of something
- Circulate
- Visit
There aren't enough jobs to GO ROUND for the numbers of people graduating nowadays.
Go together
- Harmonize or be compatible
Drinking and driving don't GO TOGETHER.
Go up
- Rise or climb
- Approach
- Be built
- Be heard
- Be promoted
The price of petrol has GONE UP sharply because of the increase in duty in the Government's budget.
Get across
- Communicate successfully
- Go from one side to the other
- Move something from one side to the other
I just couldn't GET my message ACROSS at the meeting.
Get ahead
- Progress
Nowadays, you need IT skills if you want to GET AHEAD.
Get ahead of
- Move in front of
I work at home in the evening to GET AHEAD OF schedule.
Get along
- Have a good relationship
- Leave
- Progess
Why don't you two GET ALONG? You're always arguing.
Get around
- Become known
- Visit many different places
- Walk or go to places
- Avoid a problem
- Persuade, convince
Get away
- Escape
- Go on holiday or for a short break
- Move, leave somewhere
The robbers GOT AWAY in a stolen car, which the police later found abandoned.
Go back on
- Break a promise
Go in
- Go to hospital for treatment, surgery, etc.
- Fit
- Disappear, become obscured by a cloud
- Attack
Go into
- Discuss in some detail
- Enter a profession, hospital, trade, market
- Begin a speech or description
- Be dedicated or devoted
- Be contained in a larger number
Go it
- Behave in a reckless way
- Move or drive very fast
Go it alone
- Do something without help
Go off
- Explode (bomb), start ringing (alarm)
- Go bad
- Start to dislike
- Leave a place
- Take place, follow a plan or pattern
- Stop working (electric/electronic equipment)
Go on
- Continue
- Happen
- Start doing or taking something
- Be guided
- Be nearly a certain period of time
- Progress
- Spend money
- Start working (electric/electronic equipment)
Go on about
- Talk too much
Go out for
- Become a candidate, apply for something
Go out to
- Feel sympathy with someone
Go through
- Experience
- Read again
- Examine, search
- Explain
- Be approved formally or sanctioned
- Enter
- Cons
- Consume or spend
- Perform or carry something out
Go through with
- Do or complete something you've agreed to.
Go with
- Combine nicely
- Accompany
- Accept, agree to
- Date, have a relationship with
Get away!
- An expression of disbelief
Get back
- Return
- Return something
- Revenge
- Move away
"I passed." "GET AWAY! You couldn't have passed."
The train was held up so we didn't GET BACK home until midnight.
Get back to
- Start doing something after stopping for some time
- Find a new enthusiasm for something
I'll GET BACK TO you as soon as I hear any news.
Get back together
- Restart a relationship
Get behind
All the students GOT BEHIND the teacher.
- Support
We split up a few months ago but GOT BACK TOGETHER last week.
Get down
- Make someone depressed, unhappy, exhausted, etc.
- Write, record
- Manage to swallow
- Descend, leave a vehicle
- Leave the table after eating
- Reduce
Get down to
- Start working seriously
- Enjoy something a lot
The miserable weather in winter really GETS me DOWN.
Get in
- Arrive (train, plane, etc.)
- Enter a car or taxi
- Buy or obtain supplies, like food
- Arrive at work, school, home
- Enter a building or place
- Manage to say or do
- Be admitted to a university, club, etc
- Bring inside a place
- Submit, apply
- Pay for drinks
The taxi pulled up and we GOT IN.
Get in with

- Become friendly with, ingratiate with
Get it
- Be punished or scolded
If you don't stop that right now, you'll really GET IT!
Get off
- Escape punishment
- Leave a bus, train, etc.
- Finish, leave work
- Stop talking on the phone
- Write or send letters, messages, etc
- Say or write something funny
Get on with
- Have a good relationship
- Continue or start doing something
Fortunately, I GET ON WITH my boss.
Get onto
- Start discussing a topic
- Be elected, appointed
- Appear on the radio or TV
- Contact someone because you need or want them to do something
- Enter a plane, train, etc
Get out
- Leave the house to visit place and socialise
- Become known when people want it to remain secret
- Remove dirt or something unwanted
- Publish, make available for the public to see or buy
- Say what you want when it is difficult
Get out of
- Avoid doing something you dislike
- Leave a car, van, etc.
- Stop a regular activity or habit
(Salir de)
Get over
- Recover from something, feel better
- Solve, find a solution
- Communicate, make people understand
- Be shocked or surprised that something if real or true
- Get to the other side
- Come somewhere
It took me ages to GET OVER the bout of flu.
Get round
- Become known
- Find a solution
Get through
- Contact
- Consume
- Finish
- Succeed in an exam or test
- Help someone or something succeed or pass a test or exam
- Endure or deal with a difficult experience
- Be accepted or passed (laws, proposals, etc)
- Manage to pass
- Arrive
Get through to
- Make someone understand
- Contact, especially by phone
- Reach a stage in a competition
Get together
- Meet socially
Get up
- Get out of bed
- Organise
I GET UP at seven o'clock on weekdays, but lie in till noon at the weekend.
What can we do to GO ABOUT this difficult problem?
The government have GONE BACK ON their promise not to raise taxes.
He WENT IN for a triple bypass operation two days ago.
They refused to GO INTO exactly what was wrong.
Shouting at the boss like that is GOING IT.
He prefers to GO IT ALONE rather then working with the team.
The fire alarm WENT OFF because someone was smoking in the toilets.
He WENT ON and ON talking and I was so bored.
He's always GOING ON ABOUT his kids.
She WENT OUT FOR a place on the team.
Our condolences GO OUT TO all the families who have lost people in this tragic accident.
You wouldn't believe what I WENT THROUGH when I was ill!
He did promise, but I doubt that he'll GO THROUGH WITH it.
Does this tie GO WITH my shirt?
He WENT OUT last night.
It didn't take long for the news to GET AROUND once it got into the newspapers.
I find it extremely difficult to GET DOWN TO doing any revision for examinations.
I tried to GET IN WITH them as I thought it would help me at work.
We GOT OFF the bus and walked to my house.
We didn't GET ONTO the third item on the agenda.
She doesn't GET OUT much now she has her baby.
We GOT OUT OF the taxi and paid the driver.
- Make someone confess or tell the truth
- Make someone give something to you
- Derive pleasure or benefit from something
- Help someone avoid doing something
We're nearly ready, but there are few little problems we have to GET ROUND before we finish.
My teacher GOT me THROUGH the exam.
I explained it carefully, but I just couldn't GET THROUGH TO him.
We GOT TOGETHER in the pub for a drink.
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