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Ngoc Ha

on 4 January 2013

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This section of the park display some important aspect to what happened during the French Revolution. FRENCH MADNESS GUERILLA ATTACK NAPOLEON Tragedy of the Monarchy This is practically the haunted house of the last king of France. Through the doors you'll be able to explore the house and see what it must of been like to be royalty at their time. But beware that there were many unfortunate events that happened.. You might even be able to see the ghost of King Louis XVI and his family. Rumors say that the ghost of the King and Queen are usually missing their heads because they were executed through the Guillotine... This ride is very interconnected with the French Revolution. King Louis the XVI was the last king of France. He and his wife was not very popular with the common people; the country itself was on the verge of bankruptcies because of its participation in the American Revolution. Because of this the common peasants were taxed more than everyone else. This fueled up towards the French Revolution, which eventually ended the King and his family's lives.. M.A.I.N. LAND Marie's Bakery This bakery has everything Queen Marie Antoinette use to enjoy! This bakery consist of sweets she used for her tea parties and even some dishes that King Louis loved. Back then they had humongous portions of food, so the food here is quite large. Menu Marie's Macaroons
Louis Fat Turkey Leg
Sweet Potato Casserole
French Vanilla Cappuccino In this part of HISTORYLAND, Napoleon can be found wondering around. Napoleon was a popular military hero who won many battles against the Austrians. During the chaos after the reign of terror, the people turned to Napoleon for help. He later crowns himself Emperor of France. He made many reforms to France for the good and bad. Napoleon falls from power and abdicates himself and dies in 1821. In this ride, you're taken around this dark mysterious cave where you're trying to shoot the people with a red X (who tends to retreat a lot). This is another recreation of "laser tag". This is a very fun game to play with your friends.You're representing the French Army under the command of Napoleon. You are attacking your friends who can represent the Russians. In 1821, Napoleon invades the Russians.
The Russians uses many war tactics such as Guerilla Warfare, a bunch of Hit-and-run raids, or Scorched-Earth-Policy towards the French, where they burn all crops and villages as they retreat. It was really bad luck for the French since it was Winter and they had no source of heat of food. The French loses against the Russians which later leads to Napoleon's abdication. HISTORYLAND This part of the park shows rides related to World War One. M.A.I.N. stands for the causes of the War. ALL AROUND THE WAR This is a really big ferris wheel ride where there's reach-points representing countries. There's also like lines of lights connecting the different points to eachother showing who was allied with who, with a plack hanging at each point. You get to go to each points and stop to read about what happened to them during the war and etc. Once you're on top, you feel like you're actually on top of the world.

This represent how WWI started. It was when there were 2 Alliances: The Triple Entente, or The Allies, which consist of Great Britain, France, and Russia. The Triple Alliances, or the Central Powers, consist of Italy, Austria-Hungary, and Germany. When one country declares war on another, they've practically declared war on their allies too. It was like a domino effect which resulted to a war all around the Europe. Sinking Lusitania In this ride, you are strapped down on a make-shift boat submarine. You first travel through this mountain and you'll see U-BOATS surrounding you. After you get use to the calmness, you'll feel a shock that rumbles the who ship. Then the ship will begin to sink. While you're underwater, you'll have the chance to see the underwater aquarium.

On May 7, 1915, a U-BOAT sinks an American passenger ship called the Lusitania. This killed about 128 Americans. This was only one of the reason the U.S. declared war. The other reason was the Zimmerman Note, where the U.S. discovers a telegram of the German proposing an alliance with Mexico. This upset the U.S. a lot causing them to declare war on April of 1917. THE GREAT WAR LAND This part of HISTORY land consist of rides that are connected to World War II. WAFFLE WAFFLE SHOP This is a waffle shop that's very known through out land. Waffles so fluffy its as if they're made of clouds!! MENU Luftwaffe
Little boy waffle
Fat man French toast
NATO Syrup
Warsaw pancakes FATMAN DROPS This ride is for those who aren't afraid of heights. You are seated in a the ride and it takes you up as high as the All Around the War. Then scary airplane noises plays ad you're slowly declining. The closer you are to the ground the faster the drop.

The Fatman Drops represent the second attomic bomb dropped in Japan. It was dropped by the United States in Nagasaki on August 9, 1945. Killing over 40,000 and injuring over 25,000. A day after the Emperor of Japan surrenders. BLITZKRIEG MANIA This is one of the most well known rides in HISTORYLAND. Its a roller coaster that has major steep drops. It's "lightning fast" and gives you a really adreniline rush. It starts off slower inclining, once you reach the top it slowly head towards and immediately drops.

One of the German's used a war tactic known as the Blitzkrieg. A blitzkrieg is the utilization of improved tanks and aircrafts together. It is also known as the "Lightning war". This is how the Germans annihilate many cities. SPACE RACE LAND This land is called the SPACE RACE because its related to the Cold War. In the cold war, it wasn't much of the two superpowers fighting, but a race to see who can gather the most information for more advance technologies. MISSILE LAUNNNCH In this ride, you're in a space ship with some 3D glasses on. Once you're strapped in your seat the ship takes off. What you'll experience would be the feeling of being launched in the air really high up and going at lightning speed (just like the Blitzkrieg). The thing is that you don't kow when it'll start or crash..

This would be representing the Cuban missile crisis. Since the Soviets were shipping missiles over to Cuba, which is really close to the U.S., the U.S. got really tense. They didn't know when they would've attacked. The Soviets agreed to remove their missiles in Cuba if the U.S. remove the missiles placed in Turkey. RUSSIAN CARS This is another version of bumper cars. But this time if you get bumped 10x, its out of the game. so over time, one by one players will be out. It'll be like a domino effect until we reach a winner.

In this ride, it combines the Domino theory and the fall of the Soviet Union together. The domino theory was an idea that if South Vietnam lost to the communist North Vietnam then a communist outbreak will happen across Southeast Asia. And just like the fall of the Soviet Union, one by one, communist governments begins to fall. POW, WOW, MAO! Mao Zedong was the Chinese Communist leader. He was supported by the Soviet Union going against the Chinese Nationalist leader, Chang Kaishek. Mao supported the peasants of China. When the communist won against the nationalist, they formed what is known as the People's Public of China. But the PPC was not acknowledged by the UN at all because they were communist.
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