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Scientific Revolution : Which achievements were most remarka

No description

Amelia Merwin

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Scientific Revolution : Which achievements were most remarka

Scientific Revolution : Which achievements were most remarkable?
Do Now - May 26, 2015
In your own words, explain what the Scientific Revolution was.
VP - Production
VP - Marketing
Today's Learning Objectives
YOU WILL HAVE 4.5 minutes to collect evidence.

Do not choose a rank until after you have seen ALL topics.
I will be available all week from 12:30 to 1PM
Quality Responses will:
-Be at least 4 sentences
-Use details from your research
The Scientific Revolution was a time known for....
If you did not turn in the Renaissance Dinner Party OR the Capstone Essay, you have an F in this class.
1) SWBAT identify evidence in
student-created posters to
determine the historical
significance of 7 different
Scientific Revolution

2) SWBAT rank the historical
significance of these topics
using collected evidence to
justify their opinions.
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