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Literacy Centers

No description

Selena Colon

on 6 June 2017

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Transcript of Literacy Centers

To implement a differentiated literacy based center accessible to all students during reading workshop and choice time.

: To help my first grade readers achieve their own reading goals and meet end of year indicators for their grade level.
My Plan
At times, readers need assistance with accuracy, rate, and expression; also known as fluency. To guide them down the path of fluent reading, I made bookmarks accessible to them for use during independent reading.
According to
, first graders should be able to ask and answer questions about key details in the text, identify the main topic and retell key details.

Expected End of First Grade Progress
By the end of first grade, students should be at an independent reading level of I, J, or K.

Students must meet indicators that are aligned with Common Core ELA Standards, consisting of decoding, fluency, literal and inferential comprehension.
By Selena Colon
Literacy Based Centers
Word Work
Literacy Toolbox
The tools in this "literacy toolbox" were created to assist the students throughout their independent reading. The popsicle stick was used for "scooping up" sentences. The frame was used to zoom in on difficult words. The rubberband was used to help stretch and sound out difficult words.

There was significant progress in reading when students utilized the tools given to them.
They enjoyed that they had a choice of what they can work on.
They were very engaged in their work whether it was independent or with a partner.
Phonological awareness continues to emerge in the first grade. Students should be able to distinguish long from short vowel sounds in single syllable words (CVC/CVCe). These tools were made to help assist students who may struggle in these areas.
The noisy environment during center time distracted some students.
The rubber band was used for slingshotting rather then stretching out words.
A student used the frame to scoop rather than the popsicle stick.
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