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SW Region

No description

Kate Mansfield

on 4 October 2017

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Transcript of SW Region

Landforms of the Southwest
Water of the Southwest
The CO River has many tributaries and is the most important water source.
Climate of the Southwest
The SW is close to the equator and it has a hot, dry climate with very little rain.
Products of the Southwest
Refineries are a kind of factory that separates crude oil into parts like gasoline and heating oil.
Natural Resources
of the Southwest
Gold, iron, and copper are found in the CO River basin.
Landmarks of the Southwest
The Grand Canyon is the most famous landmark in the SW. (AZ)
Culture of the Southwest: Food
Tortillas are important in traditional cooking, chili con carne, peppers, tamales, enchiladas, quesadillas, sopapillas, flan, nachos, tacos, burritos.
Culture of the Southwest: People
Churches were built in early 1700s to teach Native Americans about Christianity. More Native Americans live in this area than any other region.
Regions of the
United States

Southwest Region
Landforms of the Southwest
Sonoran Desert
: CO River runs
through so many plants
can grow.

Chihuahuan Desert
: largest desert in North America.
Vast plains, spectacular canyons, and colorful plateaus.

Colorado Plateau has many canyons, like the Grand Canyon.
Water of the Southwest
Water of the Southwest
Hoover Dam controls flooding, stores water, and provides power.
The Rio Grande River forms the country's border between Texas and Mexico.
Climate of the Southwest
Climate of the Southwest
A drought is a period of very little or no rain.
Animals, plants, and people have all had to adapt (change) in order to survive.
Products of the Southwest
Products of the Southwest
Plastic, crayons, and medicines are also made from oil.
Water pushes turbines which spin to generate electricity.
Beef cattle provide beef to all parts of the U.S., as well as other countries, like Japan.
Natural Resources of the SW
Natural Resources of the SW
Natural Resources of the SW
Natural Resources of the SW
N.M. has silver mines.
AZ produces 2/3 of U.S. copper.
Limited water supply, so they built aqueducts.
Beef cattle and sheep ranches.
Uranium, coal,
natural gases,
and oil.
Landmarks of the Southwest
Landmarks of the Southwest
Petrified Forest
: Wood found in this forest is made of almost solid quartz.
Carlsbad Caverns National Park has over 85 caves & caverns.
Climate of the Southwest

Native Americans of the Southwest
Most Native Americans in the Southwest are located in the desert areas of Arizona and New Mexico.

They were known for creating many beautiful things like baskets, jewelry, pottery, and clothing.
Native Americans of the Southwest
The Apache
Native Americans of the Southwest
The Pueblo
Native Americans of the Southwest
The Navajo
The Apache were very nomadic. They hunted buffalo and other animals in the desert. They lived in teepees and wickiups.
The Pueblo people lived in cliff dwellings and large adobe homes in the deserts of New Mexico.
The Navajo people were semi-nomadic and lived in hogans. They did a lot of farming and raising animals. Monument Valley.
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