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Fairy Tale

No description

Darnell Mckinney

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Fairy Tale

They wife want the kids gone,
telling the husband that the kids,
eating all the food & taking away from their
wealth,now she wants them gone. Hansel and Gretelover here them talking so Hansel grab some white pebbles and return their room awit for the next day was abandon in the woods by their father now they following their pebbles to get back home. The step mother is outrage and tells the husband to take them farther into the was to die, when Hansel goes to get more pebbles it was lock so he gets some bread They father had taken & left them further in the woods, but when they went to back track with the prbbles the birds then ate them all. So they lost tryna find their way While walikg they came upon a big gingebread cndy house they was so hungery that they started to eat the house, then the wicked gradma witch came to the door an invited them in wih a promise of food an a place to stay. The next morning the witch locked hansel in a cage and feeds him to fatten him up to eat and made Greatle her slave. After preparing the oven for Hansel she ask Greatle to open the cage to put him. When Greatle check to see if the oven was hot enough the witch bent over to see Greatle shoverd her in the oven and locked her in, leaving the witch to burn in ashes. On leaving they grabbed her jewlery an wealth. When they returned they step mother died from a dieseas the father was so happy to see them and they had the witch jewlry and wealth to survive.
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