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What now my love?

No description

Macoy Arias

on 28 February 2016

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Transcript of What now my love?

Statement of the Problem
Mrs. Rosemarie Gines,
To come up with a good decision after considering her husband and the succeeding business by the end of the quarter.
Statement of Objectives
#1 Rose restaurant is full of customers; located in the central of Santiago City;
Areas of Consideration

Areas of Consideration
Time Context
To expand business by building a branch in Shanghai for the next 3 years.
Areas of Consideration

#3 Positive developments in the economy of Shanghai
1. Continue the operations in Santiago City and:
a. Look and train a manager
b. Visit the restaurant atleast once per quarter;
c. Installing CCTVs for security

2. Establishing new branch in Shanghai:
a. Considering the target market and;
b. Menu Variations "Chinese Delicacies"
ACA #1
What decision should Rosemarie Gines come up considering her husband and the succeeding business?
What now my love?
Management Lessons Learned
Mrs. Gines
Alternative Courses of Action
ACA #1
ACA #2
ACA #3
Continue operations and expand the business by building another branch in Shanghai with her husband.
1. Rosemarie Gines has the opportunity to earn more.

2. It will continue the success of business in the Philippines.

3. Expanding means ability to attract and retain new customers.

1. It requires high capital for expansion.
2. Supervision of the business in the Philippines will be difficult.
3. Rosemarie needs to study and identify what food is going to be patronized by Chinese customers.

Close the business in the Philippines and establish a new restaurant in Shanghai with her husband.
1. There is no history to overcome when you start a new venture.

2. Opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of the various business functions.

3. Mr. and Mrs. Gines will now be the owners of the new restaurant.

1. It may result into a loss for closing the business in the Philippines.

2. Establishing a new business requires high capital and risky.

3. It will increase in the employee turnover rate.

Continue operations in the Philippines and expand business locally.
1. Does not need any product differentiation since expansion is to be made locally.

2. Penetrating the market locally will increase its services identification.

3. It will increase Rose income as a result of the local expansion.

1. Rosemarie will have to visit her husband or vice versa.

2. Losing the opportunity of creating a branch in Shanghai.

3. It may incur additional expenses for expanding the business.

Unity of direction is essential so that activities will be directed by one manager using one plan for achievement of one common goal.
Authority and Responsibility, Authority is the right to give orders and obtain obedience, and responsibility is the corollary of authority.
Discipline, employees must obey and respect the rules that govern the organization. Good discipline is the result of effective leadership.
We must go back to China!
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