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The Mafia and The Prohibition

No description

max fiorello

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of The Mafia and The Prohibition

The Mafia and The Prohibition If the Prohibition had not happened, The Mafia would not have come to America. Before the prohibition, the industrial revolution had just ended and the dawn of a new age was setting in Alcohol was now easy and cheap to make. People who were entrepeneurs would flock to the alcohol market and would become rich from it. But some people did not like that alcohol had become such a big part of the American lifestyle and believed it was defiling the American dream. The American Temperance Union had been trying to prohibit alcohole sales for years Carrie Nation, a key player in the prohibitions enactment, would carry around a hatchet and destroy barrels of whiskey. First of all, america had just gotten into world war 1 and people did not like the idea of soldiers being intoxicated on the battle field First of all, the first World War had just started and the people wanted soldiers to be sober when fighting a new enemy There are a Few reasons why people Started to Listen to the American Temperance Union Second, the american people wanted to conserve grain that is used in alcohol for more practical uses. Lastly, Germany was a large alcohol producer and we had cut off all trades with them. When Prohibition was Enacted, the scilian mafia looked towards America as a source of revenue Because Alcohol had just came on the black market, a figurative gold rush for the mafia started in america As the sicilian mafia came in, crime started to rise substantially Places where policemen used to run the streets were now ruled by criminals that were never heard of before Prohibition. the american people were fed up with the new prohibition law and a large percentage of citizens became criminals because of it. Al Capone, was one of the mobsters that only became famous because of prohibition Capone was born in 1899, his mother was named teresina capone, and his Father was Gabriel Alphonso Capone Capone as a child exeeded as a student, but was kicked out of his catholic school for hitting a nun One night, capone went into a club and started to harass a woman there, her brother saw what he was doing and gave a scar on capones left cheek, giving him the name scarface. WHen prohibition came along, a man named john torrio met capone and went to chicago with him to start a alcohol selling business. When they got there, they met up with Bugs moran and together started the black market alcohol smuggling business. They became the the most famous illegal alcohol selling group in history and brought in millions of dollars After a while of selling, the gang members went there own ways and started to make there own alcohol businesses, when that happened, old friends became compitition that needed to be wiped out. As soon as they split up, capon and torrio started to battle it out. VS Capones first victim was Torrio. He tried to assassinate torrio but ended up just killing some of his henchman. With no men to protect him, torrio butted out of the alcohol business. Now, Capone only had one other person to get rid of, and that was bugs moran Capone and Moran had a long, drawn out battle costing dozens of lives THe battle ended in the death of all of morans top men, this failed assassination attempt on moran was called the saint valentine's day massacre THe assassination attempt that was orchestrated by capone and Machine gun jack mcgurn happened in 1929, on valentines day It all started when capone's men came into the moran compound dressed as policemen and pretended they were raiding the place Capone's men lined moran's men against the wall and took all of their weapons. After capone's men lined up moran's men, they called in two other members of the gang, then the two men they called in pulled out thompson sub machine guns and they pulled out double barrel shotguns. they proceeded to open fire on moran's men, killing all but one man who was found with 14 bullet wounds on him. The police and ambulances rushed pete gusenberg the only survivor, to the hospital only to hear from him that "nobody shot him." Minutes later Gusenberg died from blood loss and heart failure. Pete gusenberg did not release the names of his killers because of the mafia code, or known in Italian as Omerta,to not divulge information to the police. After the saint valentines day massacre, Bug's morans gang started to die of and caused him to get out of the business, leaving al capone in charge of the chicago's crime ring On February 15, 1936, Machine gun Jack Mcgurn was found dead in a bowling alley with a valentine left for him in the bowling alley lobby. When capone got out of jail, he spent his last few years on palm island in the carribean with his wife and died from syfilis. From prohibition came such violence as the capone wars and the saint valentines day massacre. Even though Moran was out of the "game". He still caused some touble for capone. Machine gun jack Mcgurn was one capone's higher ups and had helped make the saint valentine's day massacre. Because of this, historians believe that bugs moran put the hit out on mcgurn because of revenge for the saint valentine's day massacre. BUgs Moran went on the FBI most wanted list after his murder he was arrested and went to jail in 1937. He died 40 days later from cancer. Back to Capone: After the saint valentine's day massacre, capone was arrested for tax evasion since there was no other crimes with enough evidence on him. Capone spent 6 years in alcatraz and started to see symptoms of syfilis show up. He had gotten the syfilis from a brofl back in his small time days and it had not shown itself until he went to prison. Over ten thousand people died from drinking homemade moonshine during that era, which was largely sold by the mafia. People lost trust in their government and felt like it icapable Of protecting citizens from criminal behavior. prohibition was an experiment to see if america could function properly without alcohol. when the experiment failed, america did not just clean up the lab and go back to normal. The mafia became a huge deal in society and changed history for the worst through drug trades, prostitution, gambling, and other illegal activities. IN relation to current events, prohibition and its crime kings, relate to illegal drugs being smuggled over the border and the thousands of lives taken by drug cartels. This makes you think that maybe america would just do better with drugs being legal. I conclude that if prohibition had not happened, the 1920s would not have been infamous for crime, thousands of lives would have been saved from consumption of unsafe, homemade alcohol, and Lastly, the mafia would not have come to america to stay. This has been a max fiorello Presentation. "THE ST. 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