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Creating a Speech

No description

David Murray

on 24 October 2016

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Transcript of Creating a Speech

Step 2:
Make it Interesting
There's nothing worse than a boring speech. Be clever. Be unique. Be interesting.

Start off with something that gets the attention of your audience.

During your main points, give funny examples, interesting facts, or memorable thoughts.

Learn how to express what you want to say in metaphors.

Bring it to a conclusion. It is the apex of the speech (the highest point).
Step 3:
Practice Practice Practice!
There is no sooner way than to fail at a speech, than to not practice.

Simple activity:
I’ll give you a topic and the moment you see it you’re going to speak for about 20 seconds.

I don’t care what you say. Once you’ve finished, you’re going to think about what you just said, and express it more clearly.
Step 1:
Plan Appropriately
You may be the best speaker or you may be the worst. Either way, you need to plan.

Think about who you are going to be speaking to.

Consider how you want to give your speech.

Make sure that you have enough time to get it done before you present.
Step 3:
Continued (Practice!)
Your topic: Pasta
Step 4:
Be Aware of Body Language
Use body language to add to your speech.

Use a hand motion to elaborate on your point.

Make eye contact

Do not:
Fidget or wiggle
Lean on one leg or on the wall
Read from the screen

Step 5:
Use Your Voice to Your Advantage
There are three elements to work on with your voice for anyone wishing to become an effective speaker.

Volume - to be heard
Clarity - to be understood
Variety - to add interest

Your Speech
After working hard you will notice great improvement.

Don't worry, even the best speakers still get nervous and mess up, though there is barely ever a time when failure is memorable.

Do well and work hard to get better. We all have room for improvement.
Creating a Speech
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