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Ruined By: Paula Morris

No description

Viridiana Carreno

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Ruined By: Paula Morris

This book is about Rebecca moving to New Orleans. Rebecca's father needs to go to China for his work so she stays with her aunt in New Orleans. Rebecca doesn't seem to fit in with everyone there, because everyone seemed to have a family history in New Orleans. Rebecca soon finds a friend in this odd place, but she soon finds out this "friend" is a ghost. There are two girls who are especially mean to Rebecca, and those girls are Helena Bowman and Marianne Sutton. Rebecca Brown finds out there is a curse that was put on the Bowman's Mansion, and that has something to do with her ghost friend. Rebecca's ghost friend's name is Lisette. The curse was put on the mansion by Lisette's mother after an ancestor of Helena murdered Lisette, although said she died from yellow fever. The curse makes every Bowman daughter die before turning seventeen. Rebecca goes to Lafayette Cemetery to eavesdrop on Helena and her group because they went in the cemetery when her Aunt Claudia made it very clear that no one should go in there and Helena and her group go there to meet up. Rebecca almost gets caught so she runs toward the gate but then realizes its already locked. The only people in there who had keys was that group with Helena but how could they see her in here? While Rebecca is running to the gate she trips over a rock and stands up. When she looks in front of her ther is a girl... Lisette. She is a ghost who becomes good friends with Rebecca. Rebecca still has no way out of the cemetery until her Aunt Claudia comes looking for her and Anton has to open the gate because he has keys. Anton was one of the guys Rebecca recognized from the group with Helena.

Anton asked Rebecca to go with him as his date to the Christmas party at the Bowman house (Helena's house). Lisette shows up at the party and Rebecca isn't the only one who sees her. So does Helena because only Bowman daughters can see her. Helena screams because she knows when a bowman daughter sees Lisette it means the curse is almost going to take place or in other words Helena will soon die.

Rebecca Brown? NO! It is actually Rebecca Bowman, Yes she has been living a lie her whole life. Her father is Helena Bowman's dad's lost brother. Helena is a rich girl going to the school Rebecca is going to while her dad is in China. They don't know they are cousins until the end. Rebecca's dad lived a lie because every Bowman girl is to die before seventeen, so he tried to escape that for his daughter Rebecca so he changes their last name to Brown and even changed her birth date. Rebecca and Helena are both turning seventeen but the 7th Bowman daughter dies before seventeen and takes the curse down with them but will it be Helena who dies or Rebecca? Only one can survive Ruined
By: Paula Morris Catch!!
Rebecca feels out of everything in New Orleans but then she meets Lisette. Lisette is the first friend Rebecca has had this whole time in New Orleans but wait... Lisette is a ghost! Key Event: Character Analysis: 1. Rebecca Brown (Rebecca Bowman): Rebecca is the main character. She is told since she was born her name was Rebecca Brown and birth date June 28, 1993 but really her name is Rebecca Bowman and was born March 12, 1992. Her only friend is Lisette, a ghost, who has a lot to do with Rebecca's history because Rebecca turns out being a Bowman and helena's cousin. Page 248 "Helena's cousin, the other girl... oh, Rebecca. It's you."

2. Helena Bowman: Helena is a snooty rich chick in Temple Mead high school. She turns out to be Rebecca's cousin but wants Rebecca dead so Helena can live. Marianne is Helena's best friend. Both these girls belong to the better richer families. She sees the ghost, Lisette, and knows its her time to die. She gets really sick after seeing Lisette at the Christmas party. Page 170 "A terrible scream pierced through the party noise..." "It's her... Mama! Mama, I can see her! The black girl- she's here! I can see her!" (She was talking about Lisette.)

3. Aunt Claudia: Aunt Claudia is the aunt Rebecca stays with when her dad goes to China. She is a voodoo lady so she knows about the curse and can predict things that will happen. She makes sure Helena dies and Rebecca is the one to survive. Aunt Claudia uses her voodoo 'powers' and tells Rebecca the dates that seem to be important. There was Rebecca's REAL birthday, the day Rebecca meet Lisette, the day of the Christmas party when Helena saw Lisette, the day Rebecca meet Anton, and the day of the Septumus Parade, all important dates. (page 236-240)

4. Anton Grey: Anton is part of the richer families. He fimds Rebecca in the cemetery the first night she finds Lisette. He likes rebecca and takes her to the Christmas party as his date and she sees Lisette again. Rebecca tells him that she can see Lisette as well as Helena when Rebecca is feeling a little jealous. Page 205 "Helena's not the only one who can see things, you know. I can see the ghost, too!"

5. Toby Sutton: Toby is a mean bully to Rebecca and Marianne's brother. He dislikes Rebecca as soon as she starts dating Anton, one of his best friends, because Anton starts paying more attention to Rebecca. Toby in the end tries to burn Rebecca's house down but Anton takes the lighter and burns down the Bowman house instead of Rebecca's house.

6. Marianne Sutton: Marianne is Toby's sister and she is Helena's best friend. Marianne is the one who tells Rebecca to ride the float in the Septimus Parade instead of Helena. Rebecca was actually talked to Marianne when Helena was out of school sick. Marianne is in with the plan to kill Rebecca after the parade and let Helena stay alive. that was the only reason Marianne talked to Rebecca was to get her to fall for the trap, ride the float, then get taken where she will be shot.

7. Lisette: Lisette is one of Rebecca's only friends but she is a ghost that Rebecca bumped into i the Lafayette Cemetery. She is a black sixteen year old ghost who got killed before turning seventeen and the curse was put on the Bowman family that every girl must die before turning seventeen. Lisette helps Rebecca survive and tells Rebecca all about the Bowman curse and takes Rebecca to Lisette's old house and holds hands so that Rebecca can see the ghosts from the Great Depression. Page 154 Lisette is telling Rebecca about the curse and how Lisette died. " "The place you died," said Rebecca, gazing up the steps. "It's this house, isn't it?" Lisette nodded. " (They were standing outside of the Bowman house.) " "And the woman who killed you," Rebecca said slowly, "was Mrs. Bowman?" Lisette nodded again..."

8. Michael Brown (Paul Bowman): Michael is Rebecca's dad who left to China and Rebecca had to stay with Aunt Claudia but Rebecca finds out hes real name is Paul Bowman and he is the lost brother of Helena's uncle. He changed identity so the curse would not pass on to Rebecca. Page 250 "Paul and Sarah moved all around... they were determined to lose all contact with the Bowman's, all connection with the past. Paul grew a beard, so he'd be harder to recognize, and before their daughter was born they changed their names as well. To Michael and Millie Brown." Reading Log #5
1. In the beggining I was con fused by why Rebecca could see the ghost, Lisette, and then helena also could, but now I understand that all Bowman daughters could see Lisette because she was part of the curse and seeing Lisette meant the girl would soon die.

2. I really liked when we found out Rebecca was a bowman because the author didn't just tell us she started explaining that Helena has a 1st cousin that could also die then Aunt Claudia says " Helena's cousin, the other girl... oh, Rebecca. It's you." page 248.

3. I strongly disliked when Helena dies because the curse is now over, the seventh daughter died and took the curse with her, Rebecca is the survivor but Helena's family still wants Rebecca killed because they wanted Rebecca to die and not Helena. (page 290)

4.The author should have given more hints that Marianne was setting up Rebecca the whole time with riding in the parade because you don't really get told any hints or foreshadows.

5. I never expected Anton to help Rebecca so much because he is good friends with Helena so you would expect him to protect Helena but Anton warned Rebecca about riding in the parade and tried helping her escape when Helena had died and people were mad at Rebecca.

Overall, my thoughts about the book are I really liked because it has a lot of unsuspected twists in it and i know i like it because I really want to read the second book... this is weird I never want to read! :) Reading Portion
In this part of the book Rebecca is with her aunt talking about the curse and why ther is a curse. Aunt Claudia says the seventh girl to die dies and takes the curse with her, everyone thinks the seventh girl will be Helena but Aunt Claudia says there is another girl who could be the seventh to die. Rebecca didn't know another Bowman daughter who is sixteen. She is Helena's first cousin. Helena's first cousin is... Rebecca!

"............Page 249-251......"

I think this is an important event because we find out Helena saw Lisette which symbolizes she soon will die because she is a Bowman but we now know Rebecca is also a Bowman, she is almost seventeen, and she can also see Lisette! Now we know why Rebecca can see Lisette, because she is a bowman who is almost seventeen so she can also soon die.
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