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Liz and Pat M6 Music History 20th century

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Debra Goldstein

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Liz and Pat M6 Music History 20th century

The 20th Century
Radle Britan
Born on March 17 in 1899 in Silverton, Texas.
Died on May 23 1994 in Palm Desert California.

He played piano and violin.
Raddle Britan
Walter Piston
all sources from google and youtube
20th Century
famous 2oth century artist

David Bromley-australian artist
Reg Hill -English model maker
Zelda Fitzgerald-American novelist
Spencer Tracy-actor
Helen Hayes-American actress
Walter Piston
born in Rockland, Maine on January 20th 1894
died in Belmont Massachusets on November 12, 1976
flute cello
harp Clarinet
Robert Russle Benett

Born in Kansas City, Missouri on June 15, 1894
Died in Florida on August 18th, 1981
Played Piano, Vocals
music umbrella
music umbrella
dynamics- fuerte
timbre-up beat,happy, relaxing

music umbrella
tempo- presto
dynamics- piano
timbre- happy,bright
up beat
Robert Russle Benett
this song is similar to the 20th century because it is relaxing, happy and up beat.
let her go
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