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Gregor Mendel

The Father of Genetics

Veasna Vunn

on 12 January 2013

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Transcript of Gregor Mendel

Gregor Mendel "The Father of Genetics" Before Involving in Science Early Age Gregor Mendel Song Gregor Mendel was born in Austria on July 20,1822. He was a monk in Australia also he was known as a science teacher . He had done many experiments that involves in genes,his foundations, and inheritance traits. And he was called "The father of genetics" .He died January 6 , 1884. 1. What did you learn from this song?
2. What do you think the man that covered his head is, in the meaning of the song?
3. How was Mendel's experiment of value to Christian monk? Pea plants Mendel's Experiment What did he find out? "In his experiment he used pea plant and hybrids to test. Hybrids are plants that inherited two different forms of the same traits, one from each parent. He found out that the pea plants that he had plant all grew at the same height" (Science: A Closer Look, 142). He find out about factors, dominant trait, recessive trait.
Factors: the different form of each traits.
Dominant traits: the traits that mask the other trait
Recessive trait:is the hidden trait that is hidden form of trait from the dominant trait. Math In Science How did Gregor Mendel use Math to solve Science? Mendel used probability to determined about the results of each type of offspring. Probability is the likelihood of an event.
He also used Punnett Square to predict the possible outcomes of genetic cross. Each of the square have the probability of 25% that the offspring have that gene. (Science: A Closer Look,145). What was he interested in and what he did? "One day when he was walking he saw atypical flowers . He was very interested to see that the smaller plant looks like the bigger plants. So he start to plant the pea plant side by side if their parents passed the trait to the younger one. And that was the plant that he first experimented with is the pea plant.From this experiment a lot of people now know about heredity ,genes, factors,dominant traits,and recessive traits."http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Gregor_Mendel We hope you enjoy our slide! Bibliography Websites 1.http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Gregor_Mendel By:Vunn Veasna, Mout Chanmolis,Phat Solong 2.www.scienceacloserlook.com How He start his experiment?
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