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Chanhee Park

on 11 May 2013

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Transcript of Antarctica

Review Question time Geography Explorers Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, New Zealand,
Norway, and the United Kingdom ones each part
of the Antarctica. There are 30 countries that operate bases in Antarctica, so 23 of them are operating in someone else's area. Most of Antarctica is about 2,800 metres above sea level. In some spots of Antarctica the ice is piled more then 4,000 meters high, but in most places the ice is 2,000 meters deep.
Antarctica is 5,100,000 miles in size, larger than the U.S.A and Mexico together. The huge continent is surrounded by water and in the winter it triples its size because the sea turns into ice. FAUNA Penguins are amazing creatures. There are 17 types of penguins.
For example Emperor and King. Penguins also lives in
New Zealand. The most common penguin is King penguin.
King penguin is also the second largest penguin. It is half feet
tall. When penguins lays an egg the male puts the egg on his feet
to keep it off the ice. The female hunts for food, while the male is taking care off the egg. Penguin mostly eats krill.
Ronald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott raced to the South Pole.
Their teams started at different points and different time.
The first one was Amundsen and five weeks later Scott comes to
South Pole. Scott's team died on there way back to the ship
because they were wearing wool instead of heavy down parkas.
Amundsen wore heavy down parkas and made their way back home. What is the most common penguin in
Antarctica? Answer: King Penguin Answer: No What is the lowest temperature? Answer: -129ºC Does penguin also lives in other countries such as New Zealand? Answer: Yes Super Question Why did Scott lose by Amundsen? Answer: because Scott's team wore wool and Amundsen wore heavy down parkas. Bibliography http://www.google.com.au/search? http://library.thinkquest.org/CR0215022/explorers.htm Sometimes
when ice breaks
it can turn into an
Ice shelves goes around Antarctica. One ice shelf is
called the Ross ice shelf . The another ice shelf
is the Larson ice shelf. Why is the Ozone hole harm for us? Answer: because it could melt ice and could
cause disaster. This bit looks small but the ice that is under the
water is 9 times bigger. 1868 - Robert Falcon Scott
was born.
1872 - Ronald Amundsen was
born. Antartica Are their peaple living in Antarctica permanently? Minerals Iron ore, chromium, copper, gold, nickel, platinum was found in Antarctica in a small pieces but mining pollutes Antarctica's air. presented by Chanhee Park THE END Pictures of explorers Ronald Amundsen Robert Falcon Scott sir Ernest
Shackleton Pictures Ice shelf Climate Antarctic Treaty Antarctica is half daylight half darkness. During the winter Antarctica is away from the sun causing dark. In summer Antarctica is facing the sun and getting more heats and light. The highest wind speed ever in Antarctica was when the wind was moving at five meters per second. the wind is an important factor in making Antarctica cold. The wind can lower
least ten degrees. The coldest record is -90degrees and warmest is 59degrees. The average summer temperature is 20degrees and winter average temperature is -30degrees.
Answer: -90degrees Answer: Yes http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20120417191155AAMYAz2 Climate http://www.windows2universe.org/earth/polar/images/weather_ant_sm.jpg Flora Antarctica has only few plants. Plants grow on 2% of coastal rocky land where there is no ice. Flora and Fauna Minerals Geography Bases Concerns Ice shelf Ozone holes are big problem because the sun shines
stronger and Antarctica ice's melts.
If ice melts there will be more water and it could
cause disaster. Population In Antarctica nobody lives there permanently which is 0. Scientist lives there for only 1 or more years. THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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