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2.03 Cell Structure and Function

Biology I - Samantha Kimmel

Sierra Hittel

on 1 June 2013

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Transcript of 2.03 Cell Structure and Function

I am the nucleus! The nucleus directs the cell's activites. I am large, usually close to the center, and I contain a tangled mass of chromatin that appears darker than its surroundings. 2.03 Cell Structure & Function Meet the cytoskeleton! The cytoskeleton gives a cell shape, directs the movement of organelles AND keeps the organelles in place! The cytoskeleton is located inside the cytoplasm! Nucleus Cytoskeleton Lysosomes Here we have the lysosome! The lysosome contains molecules that break down molecules. The lysosome is made by the rough endoplasmic recticulum and is then transferred to the golgi apparatus for further processing. Mitochondria Here is the mitochondria! Inside the mitochondria, cellular respiration occurs! The mitochondria releases energy the cell can use to live and function! Golgi Apparatus Sierra Hittel Next is the golgi appartus! The golgi apparatus receives proteins and ships them throughtout the cell! The golgi appartus is made up of stacks of membrane sacs! Cell Wall Starting on our tour, the cell wall is to the cell is located around the cell membrane. The cell wall provides protection for the cell. Vacuoles Next is the vacuole! Vacuoles store enzymes, food, water or other materials needed by the cell. In our plant cell there is one central vacuole that takes up 80% of our cell's volume! Cell Membrane Next is the cell membrane! The cell membrane is selectively permeable to what enters the cell. The cell membrane surrounds the cell! Endoplasmic
Reticulum And lastly meet the endoplasmic reticulum! The endoplasmic reticulum provides passageways for ribosomes to move. There are to types of the ER, smooth ER and rough ER. Ribosomes You are a ribosome! Ribosomes are produced from the nucleolus (inside the nucleus) and they then produce proteins to be used by the cytoplasm You are also made of RNA! The End!!! Let's take a tour of a plant cell! Thanks for visitng!
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