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Where will I be Living?

No description

Haley Krafton

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Where will I be Living?

Where will I be Living?
In 10 years I see myself Living in Cambridge MA, because I will hopefully be either attending Harvard or Boston College and will be finishing my last year of law school.
Educational background
After high school I plan to attend Boston College or Penn state and Receive a bachelors degree in Criminal sciences before moving on to law school
Career Background
I will be working as a criminal law attorney earning an annual starting salary of roughly $110,000 a year
Family Life
Since at the this point in my life I will only just be getting out of law school, I plan to not be married or have kids. I may have a boyfriend, but I want to wait until I am established as a lawyer to have a full blown family. Financial stability is very important to me and I want to be at a good financial standpoint by the time I decide to settle down.
In My Free Time I Enjoy..
-Photography(I actually hope to have a side business)
-Creative Writing
Fast Forward Ten Years into the Life of Haley Krafton
Presented by: Haley Krafton
Project#4 - 10 Years
In this job I will be responsible for
representing clients in court
When I do have kids though I have some names in mind. Lila, Elizabeth, Rose, Angelica, Zoe, or Amanda for girls and for boys Travis, Joe, Anthony, Sebastian, or Jesse
The Colosseum in Rome, Italy
Beverly Hills In LA, California
In the Next ten years I plan to travel to many places. Two places I want to travel to that I've wanted to for a while are Italy and LA. I want to travel to Italy for all the ruins a wonderful photography opportunities as well as the food. I want to travel to LA for the warm weather, beaches and celebrities. I can't wait for both trips and can only imagine how fun they'll be.
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