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Biblical Allusions

No description

Jackie Tran

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Biblical Allusions

Ice Age 2:
The Meltdown This film makes lots of reference to Noah's Ark, because in both Ice Age 2 and Noah's Ark, some type of warning is given to the main characters. God told Noah about the flood, and a bird told Manny, Diego, and Sid about the flood. The Biblical
Allusion Everything was going well and smooth,
until the ice started to melt. There was soon going to be a flood, and the only way to survive it was to stay on an ark. So then, the main characters in Ice Age went on a long journey to
find the ark. Biblical Allusions Jackie Tran Section #41 The End. The Biblical Allusion in Ice Age 2 is
when a flood occurs and the animals
stay on an ark to survive it. This makes reference to Noah's Ark, when Noah too
had his family, 2 of every animal, and
himself stay on an ark in order to
survive the flood. What was happening in Ice Age:
The Meltdown? What was the story of Noah's Ark? It's kind of similar to Ice Age 2; everything was going pretty well until God told them that a deadly flood was going to happen and that Noah and his folks must build an ark to survive the flood. About 2 of each animal boarded on the ark- just like in "Noah's Ark" a When the animals find out about the flood. The ark that the animals
were on to survive the
flood. Main Characters: Diego Manny Sid Noah Ice Age 2: Noah's ark during the flood The only difference in Ice Age 2 and the story of Noah's Ark was that in Ice Age 2, the main characters find an ark, while the characters in Noah's Ark actually build an ark. More About the Allusion Why This Allusion? Ice Age 2: The Meltdown is a movie in which the audience is mainly focused on children. Learning about the Bible can make you become a better person socially as well as academically. So if the children absorb the information from this movie,
they'd already know about the story of Noah's ark in the future. Director: Carlos Saldanha
Producer: Lori Forte
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