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Phaser Welding

NZIDT April 2013

Mark Casey

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Phaser Welding

Mark Casey Phaser Welding http://www.russellheimlich.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/startrek-phasers.jpg Soldering Soldering can be defined as the joining of two metals by the fusion of a filler metal.

Solders melting point is below the solidus temperature of the parent metals.
(Soratur, 2002 and Manappallil 2003) Applications Orthodontics CrCo Partials Fixed Pros Design, repairs and additions Repairing porosities
Developing contact points
Correcting bridges Soldered appliances
Space savers
Bracket additions Welding Two pieces of a similar metal joined without addition of a filler metal.

Autogenous weld: work pieces are fused together. What is a phaser welder? ? GTAW: Gas Tungsten Arc Welding.

More commonly known as TIG: Tungsten Inert Gas Welding Based on industrial welding technology Industrially, TIG is utilized in automated robots and manual labour both of which are associated with aerospace industry; aluminum and stainless steel and are commonly used in magnesium and copper alloys. TIG TIG welding involves an arc between the parent metals and a non-consumable tungsten electrode.

Electrode still consumed during re-sharpening process and burn-offs. Electrode Gas curtain What is a plasma? Plasma is one of the four states of matter:
solid, liquid, gas and plasma.

Like gas, plasma does not have a definite shape or volume unless enclosed in a container.

Unlike gas, the presence of a non-legligible number of charge carriers makes plasma electrically conductive so that it responds to electromagnetic fields and may form structures such as filaments. Artificial plasma's more familiar than you think Plasma globe Clear glass sphere filled with an inert gas/ combination of inert gases.

Center electrode transmits high-frequency, high-voltage power or radio frequency energy into the gas and creates plasma filaments extending from the center electrode to the outer glass giving the appearance of moving tendrils of coloured light. Sir Humphrey Davy First demonstrated the arc in early 19th century by transmitting an electric current through two touching carbon rods and then pulling them apart a short distance resulting in a spark. Named it an 'arc' due to its upward-bow shape.

Arc shape caused by buoyant force of hot gas just as the filaments move within the plasma globe. Specifically; an electric arc is an electrical breakdown of gas which produces an ongoing plasma discharge, resulting from a current through the normally non-conductive medium (the inert gas).

The splitting apart of the carbon rods (electrodes) creates what is called a 'drawn arc' due to the nature of the movement. The arc that occurs is very high in temperature hence its application in welding. Lampert Denta PUK Phaser pulls metal towards electrode The machine Electrode must (!) be sharpened (15 degree taper) with diamond disk along the length of electrode! Depending on gas used, the arc will have a varying heat conductivity and diameter.

Argon 4.6 required minimum. Improved results with Argon 5.0 for Ti.

According to manufacturer; nitrogen causes porosity with gold alloys. Console Power = Watt-seconds (Ws) = Joules.
Amount of energy equivalent of one watt sustained for 1 second. Time = adjusting duration of power at that given percentage. Add pins Add alloy Grooves Micro Flat (all purpose) Preset and customizable programs Thank you References All schematics by Lampert.

S.H Soratur, 2002. Essentials of Dental Materials. Jitendar P Vij, New Delhi
J.J. Manappallil, 2003. Basic Dental materials. 2nd Ed. Jitendar P Vij, New Delhi

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Ortho Appliance soldered

Space maintainer

Bridge soldering

Crown hole

Denture solder

Bridge solder 2

Automated welder

Manual labour TIG

Sir Davy

Lampert Machine image

Star Trek Phaser

Crab nebula

http://img1.tradeget.com/zoneray/6EM378LE121805930.jpg Plasma Globe Clear glass sphere filled with inert gas.

Center electrode transmits high-frequency, high voltage or radio frequency energy into the gas and creates plasma filaments extending from the center electrode to the outer glass give the effect of moving tendrils of coloured light.
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