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No description

Anthony Mah

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of i-robot

Ordinary World Call to adventure The call occurs when Del Spooner
is summoned by USR headquarters to investigate the death of Dr. Alfred Lanning. Crossing the Threshold Spooner attempts to cross the threshold when he begins questioning people at USR and his co- workers about Dr. Lanning's death. He becomes involved in a thorough investigation. Meeting with he Mentor Detective Spooner comes face to face with Dr. Lannings hologram. Spooner thus embarks on the journey to find out the mystery behind Dr.Lanning's death. The hologram answers questions that Spooner has regarding the case. This movie takes place in Chicago 2035, where humans and robots co-exist. Detective Spooner dislikes the robots and is prejudiced against them. However this prejudice will serve a purpose later on. Tests Allies and enemies Refusal of the Call Detective Spooner does not believe that Dr. Lanning had committed suicide, instead insists that it was homicide. Later on Spooner meets a robot named Sonny, which he suspects as the murderer of Dr. Lanning. His distrust of robots make him resistant to work with Sonny even though he is basically the key to figuring out the truth behind Dr.Lanning's death. Return with the Elixir At he end of the movie, Spooner, Calvin, and Sonny were successfully able to destroy V.I.K.I, and as a result life returns back to normal.

The city casts the robots away to the area here the bridge over Lake Michigan had been built. Ordinary World Special World Approach Ordeal Dr. Calvin and Del Spooner infiltrate USR head quarters through the service areas with the assistance of Sonny
At this point, Spooner learns to trust Sonny and considers him as a friend and a trusted ally of his. Del Spooner and his new found allies infiltrate the USR headquarters building in order to find out the truth about the robots.
Spooner discovers that V.I.K.I was behind the conspiracy and used the USR up link to manipulate the NS5 robots Detective Spooner finally realizes that Sonny can be trusted when he gestures winking. The Reward Throughout the movie the reward that Detective Spooner craves is to find the reason the robots are breaking laws and what really happened to Dr. Lanning.
At first nobody believes that there is something wrong with the robots, but when the robots start malfunctioning, Dr. Calvin offers him her assistance and experise. Tests , Allies and enemies: Spooner’s allies were Sonny and Dr. Calvin. He is tested various times throughout his journey, for eg. when he is attacked by the robots. His detective badge is snatched away from him. No one believes him at first that the death was a murder. Convincing people about his findings is a challenge as well. Sonny becomes his ally when he helps him getting in the USR head quarter building, and when he saves Dr Calvin and Detective Spooner. His enemies are the malfunctioned NS 5 robots because they all presented themselves as an obstacle for him. V.I.K.I is his enemy as well because she was behind the virus conspiracy therefore she was the Evil devil figure. [After destroying a robot that was about to attack Calvin] "Ya know, somehow, "I told you so"? Just
doesn't quite say it." The Road Back Resurrection Spooner is able to destroy V.I.K.I by injecting nanites (antidote) into her system.
It is Del Spooner's trust that Sonny will make the right decision in saving Dr. Calvin, which allows him to concentrate on applying the nanites,
In the end, this new found trust between Sonny and Spooner helps build a friendship between the two of them.
The city comes to life as well when V.I.K.I is destroyed. The road back: The complete adventure was brought when the hero, Del Spooner had to apply the virus antidote to V.I.K.I and fight all the other malfunctioned NS 5 robots. They were brought to the brink of death as well. Spooner risked his life for the whole city and Sonny risked himself to save Dr. Calvin. Spooner falling in V.I.K.I as he is trying to inject to inject the nanites. V.I.K.I plays the archetype as the Evil Devil Figure for she is behind the virus conpiracy. She programmed every NS 5 to break the three laws.V.I.K.I. masks her true intentions and does not reveal her evil ways until the near end of the movie Detective Spooner plays the hero in this movie. At first he is prejudiced to robots because he can't accept the reason for their existence but as the plot progresses, he develops an insight on himself and has an inner journey. The story brought major change in his life. Dr. Lanning plays the archetype of the mentor , for he is the one leading Spooner on his journey. Spooner also calls on the hologram for hints to aid him on his adventure. Together Spooner and Dr.Lanning form a mentor-pupil relationship. Hero Mentor-Pupil Relationship Outcast Sonny also plays the outcast, for he is different from the other robots. Sonny can express emotions and is also able to dream. Scapegoat Robertson, CEO of USR, is the scapegoat because he is blamed for manufacturing robots who break the three laws. Sonny is a loyal retainer throughout the whole movie. He ultimately proves his loyalty when he turns down the chance to side with the enemy and instead sides with Spooner, to destroy V.I.K.I and save the city before any further damage occurred. Dr. Calvin was also a loyal retainer because once she believed Spooner, she never backed off from helping him. She risked her safety level for Spooner as well when she was in the process of killing V.I.K.I and when she was on the motorcycle with him. Both her and Sonny had trust in Spooner on whatever decision he made. Platonic Ideal Heroine Dr. Calvin can be referred to as the heroine of the film too because she offered her expertise, knowledge and experience to Spooner in solving the mystery. The end .
By Anthony Mah & Qasim Farrukh
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