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Ryan Gruno Ancient History

No description

Shawn Groves

on 29 May 2018

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Transcript of Ryan Gruno Ancient History

5000 B.C
509 A.D
3,500 B.C
Ryan Gruno Ancient History
These are some stones they use for working outdoors
Pre-History before written recored
Ancient Egypt

Ancient Greece
These are lucys bones and she was the first human like person to be found
Early Humans use arrowheads to hunt mammoths and bison
Early Humans crave stone balls like these
Early Humans use tool made out of stones and wood
Early humans hunted the mammoth
This cave art is the oldest cave art they found
This cave art is the Earliest Folklore. They painted in caves because of there religion.
this cave art is Chauvet Cave in south-central France.
Early humans hunted, build and warfare

Early humans gather around and practice shooting bows
Early humans hunted mammoths for food and for there skin
Early humans also hunted bison for skin and for food

Life in white rice village they farmed
Nearly 30,000 years ago dog was the first domestication animal
Cow was also domesticated in prehistoric times
goat was domesticated in prehistoric times
The Smilodon (Saber Tooth Cats) or saber toothed tiger living during the Pleistocene epoch (10,000 years ago)
The bear dog also called Amphicyon and they can grow up to a few pounds or over 1,000 lbs.

This cave art was found in Lascaux cave
This cave art was founded in bhimbetka cave
Cave art
Way of Life
Farming and Domestication
Where did Mesopotamia start?
Mesopotamia started in the Fertile Crescent, which is now called the Middle East
What enabled Mesopotamia to stay in one place?
How did Mesopotamia people build?
This is where Mesopotamia people lived
This is the Ziggurat where people live

Farming help Mesopotamia people stay in one place.
The soil help them stay in one place
They build out of mud bricks
wet the inside of the brick mold
Fill mold to top
scrape extra mud off the top
remove mold and dry
then when part dry and turn on side to finsh
then the mud brick done
this is a house made out of mud bricks when its done
This is the village called Babylon
Floods help them grow crops and left behind go soil
What were some Mesopotamian inventions or technologies?
This is the irrigation system
This is the martial Mesopotamia people build with
Mesopotamia people invented the wheel
They also invent cuneiform writing
Mesopotamia people invented plows
They invented the chariot
How did the Mesopotamians govern themselves?
Mesopotamia had city-states
There was 282 laws in Mesopotamia
This is king Hammurabi of Bablyon
This is the Ziggurat where one of there gods live
Can you describe the importance of the Nile?
This is the Nile River on a world map
This Nile River flooded and left fertile soil
The Nile Rive left fertile soil behind
They also used the Nile for fishing
Egyptian Mythology
This is Egyptian mythology that collection of myths from ancient Egypt, which describe the actions of the Egyptian gods
Egyptian Pyramids
The pyramids was for burial grounds
this a diagram of what you would see in a pyramid
Pyramids were built out of stone bricks that weights 70 ton
They found king tut headrest
leader of Egypt
This is Horus Egypt leader
Egyptian Language

These are the gods
They believed in that afterlife
They put the organs in
Canopic jars
The famous tomb found was KV62 king tut tomb
The priests that mummified the dead was called embalmers
The witting was called hieroglyphics
Hieroglyphics was found on moments
The Rosetta stone help us translate hieroglyphics
Horus was thought to be god like because of his hawk head
This is Hatsheput a female pharaoh
They worshiped the gods to make them happy
The Egyptians thought they need the food in the afterlife
The Pharaoh was at the top of the hierarchy

They create elaborate tombs to keep their Kings in the tomb when they die
They use hieratic in everyday life
This is Greece on a world map
These are the city states of Greece
The high mountains made city-states hard to communicate
They grew grapes,olives, barley, and wheat
The political units were called Polis
The Athens create a Democracy Government
The from of government was called Oligarchy
They are fighting in Military training
They made there kids steal
the Punics wars was the main war
Thucydides was a historian general
Some god and goddesses
Hercules is the most famous hero
In Greek mythology, Scylla is a sea monster who lives on the rocks of a narrow water channel opposite of the whirlpool Charybdis. Ships caught in between Scylla and Charybdis often end up being sunk by either Scylla

Contributions to Greek
Euclid create geometry
Pythagoras create philosophy
Hippocrates create medicine
They created water clocks
Myths were used to explain the world and man's experience
The Trojan war was a surprise attack on the city of troy by give them a big horse with solider inside
the citizen had to vote for government
Lysistrata was a women in goverment
He lead them and there allies in to battle and he was the king
Rome on a world map
map of Ancient Rome
The Tiber river was so important because
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