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Space Exploration - Emilio

No description


on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Space Exploration - Emilio

Space Exploration
Life in a Rocket
Laika was the first animal in space. Laika went to space on November 3, 1957. Laika sicled Earth on
Sputnik 2
. She returned back alife because she had oxygen water and food.
What is space Junk? Well space junk is like junk in space if you through that Doritos® Bag into the ground it goes to space. I am just kiding what spece junk really is things in space that arent really used so mabye it could crach into a speceship with humans inside. Like Ecuador's fisrt sattelite
or also called
was hit by a Russian spce junk. I think they can also protect us because they can change an asteriods orbit that is going to Earth.
Preparing for Flight
Dreams of Flight
By: Emilio
Ms. Margot's class
4th grade

Deadlus was a man who copied birds. He made wings with wax and feathers. Who made two pair of wings one for his son and one for him. They were trapped in big tall walls so they flew to get out. But Deadlus' son tried to fly to the sun but since the wings were made out of wax, the wax melted and the feathers broke down. Even though his dad said "Come back, come back". And that is a lesson learned because he fell in the ocean and died for wanting more than what he needed. Wan-Hoo was a chinese official who tried to rocket to the moon with 47 rockets under is chair. And he had 47 servants lit them on! He died. Though he was one of the first people who tried to go to space.
Exploring the Unknown
Yuri Gagarin was a soviet pilot. He was the first man in space on April 12, 1961. He went to space in a little spaceship. Many people thought he wasn't going to come back alive because there was dangerous radiation, There was NO AIR and he had no food or water. Even if people doubted he will make it he did it, Yuri Gagarin survived.
Rockets - The Ket to Space Travel
Chinese rockets were invented and used over 800 years ago. To make them work they burned gunpowder in tubes. They were used by many countries for wars and for fireworws. Konstantin E. Tsiolkvsky was the one who suggested rocketsfor space travel. By burning liquid fuel for porotion.
The Space Age Begins
The first liquid rocket was built in Massachusetts in 1926 and was built by Robert H. Goddard and this type of rockets were built and tested for 5 more years. It also went really high it went 41 feet high (as high as a 4 story building! The germans tested rockets and the biggest rocket they tested was
Sputnik 1
was the first satellite and was a Russian satellite. It gave signals to Earth for 3 weeks.
Did you know?
The air around
a lighting
is 10 times
hotter than the sun. (I read that in a book).
The First Astronauts
Alan Shepard was the first American in space on May 5, 1961. He went to space in the Mercury spacecraft. John Glenn was American and he circled Earth 3 times on February 20, 1962. It took him 5 hours. He also tested with himself like can you eat in microgravity or something like that. Valentina V. Tereshkova was the first woman in space and circled Earth 47 times on June 16 - 19 , 1963. Soviet A. Leonov put on a space suit and went out of the space shuttle which is called Spacewalk for 20 minutes on March 16, 1966. She traveled to space in
Voskhod 2
Did you Know?
Long ago people thought the world was flat and was lifted by elephants. That is how Christopher's Columbus journey began. And they did not knew America existed both North and South.
Space Junk
The Shuttle Solution

flew to space first on April 12, 1986. Challenger exploted 73* feet and the crew died.
joined in!
Soviet Energya
was two stay launcher and was the world's mightiest rocket it had boosters that have been added extra powers it stand 193 feet tall. Energya means energy. And it can put 110 tons into orbit
Doen't have engines and it flys with a crew inside with a remote control wich is on Earth.
* Is about 24 yards
60 meters
Did you know that one of the biggest pools in the world is in N.A.S.A? Well this pool has almost the whole I.S.S. in it. You know what the I.S.S. is write? Well it is the Internacional Space Station the astronauts train and practice reparing in it before they go to space. In emergencies an alarm goes on and tell the astronauts to get out of the water.
Lift Off!
Well lets talk about gravity like did you know that Earth is 1G? G means gravity like lift off is 3G so it would be hard to stand up.
Life in a Shuttle
For the first 8 minutes engines go off. But could you imagine yourself being an astronaut. You would have to do all this hard jobs and expirements but I think it is great expirience.
Hope you enjoed and see YOU next time!
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