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My 5th grade

No description

Elena Schaumburger

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of My 5th grade

Science The people in my class are very nice. We laugh and talk and do silly things sometimes. we're also very intelligent.Everyone always puts there hardest work into each and every thing we do. From reading to science to math.I would have to say this is one of the most lovely classes I've ever had! Writing In writing we first took an expository piece, split it into parts then answered questions about them. We wrote our own pieces and had writing tests. Now we are writing expository paragraphs about certain topics. We have to include an antidote, quote, descriptive segment and some more. Reading In reading we are learning about tall tales. In the anthology station we're writing our own tall tails, and making a book. In there reading station we read a book then answer questions about it. Finally for the computer we go on brain pop, watch videos and take quizzes on what we just learned. By:Elena S My 5th grade class In science we do many interesting things. first we learned about the moon and its fazes.Next we learned about eyesight ,glasses and things about the eye.After that we learned about magnets and magnetism.And now we are finishing up electricity.( I love the circuit boards ) people http://blog.whps.org/halerte/files/2013/01/Maggie-28atlx0.jpg Math In math we first learned about PEMDAS.Or you might call it order of operations Parentheses,Exponents, Multiplication, Division,Addition, Subtraction.Next we did quick session on long division. Later we learned about adding and subtracting fractions. Last we worked on area and perimeter. Mrs.Alerte You're an amazing teacher
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