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UAE’s history and civilization.

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farwa shahzad

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of UAE’s history and civilization.

UAE’s history and civilization.
social studies
name-farwa shahzad
All: Able to identify the processes related to UAE’s history and civilization.

Most: Able to analyse importance of cohesion in achieving national unity.

Some: Able to recognize various changes during the process of civilization and take pride in UAE’s history and civilization.

1) To identify the emergence of civilization in the UAE region.

2) To explore the heritage of their country and the efforts their ancestors exerted in the past.

timeline of the historical eras
4.2 The independence of the UAE
ancestors' history and efforts in UAE
Hundreds of millions of years ago a source of wealth was trapped several thousand metres
under the territory of the UAE. Before this oil and gas was discovered and exploited, there
was precious little to be found on the surface which could be called ‘natural wealth’. Yet, the
scant resources were sufficient to sustain the inhabitants of this area throughout the centuries.
They had developed the means to make all aspects of their seemingly inhospitable environment
work for them. Management of these economic resources was harmonized with an age-old
social structure producing unique socio-economic responses to the rigours of life in the eastern
corner of the Arabian Peninsula.
The local population of the present day UAE is tribal in origin. Does that mean that every
person in the UAE who wears a white thob is descended from the bedouin of the Arabian
desert and would once have lived as a nomad? What does the word ‘tribal’ encompass? To
shed some light on such questions and to be able to understand why these concepts are central
to the structure of the traditional society of the UAE, it is necessary to know how this society
supported itself economically in the past.
teacher-Ms. Deepthi Sajeevan
subject-social studies
1 Ancient times1.1 The very beginning
1.2 Arrival of Islam
1.3 Very good sailors
2 Occupation
2.2 The Pearls
3 And here comes 1960
4 The Oil Era4.1 There is oil
2.1 Europeans get involved

archaeological sites
tools used in the UAE
these are some of the types of houses they used to bulid in the old times
arcaeological sites help us know more about the past
there are so many tools we use today but has any think about the past and what kind of tools they used to use
ancient industries
there are so many ancient industries in uae for example crafts, such as pottery, fish traps pearl diving,shipbuilding, sewing and embroidery all of these industries help the country in its development and growth.
pearl diving
The lulu (locally qamashah), or pearl oyster was a source of wealth in the Emirates long before the discovery of oil. Pearl oysters occur naturally on relatively shallow banks (fasht) in the Gulf. But It is not clear when the people of the Emirates first began to harvest this valuable resource: individual pearls have been found in excavations on archaeological sites that date back to at least 7,000 years ago. Pearls were traded extensively in Roman times and the Arab writer Al Idrisi mentions that in 1154 Julfar, in Ra’s al-Khaimah, was already a major pearling centre.
sewing and embroidery
crafts and pottery
Ras Al Khaimah: Pottery is still regarded as one of the oldest handicrafts in the UAE. Even now, main roads connecting one emirate with the next, pottery is on display.
Historians and researchers believe that pottery in its current form is one of the oldest inventions of man.
In the UAE, the making of pottery is a link between old crafts and the present, as it opens a window towards the past, showing us the historical civilizations on this land.
The shipbuilding industry is one of the hardest professions, since the work extends from early morning until sunset, often exercised under the scorching sun or under a light umbrella that is not enough to deter hot air or humidity.

As time went by, types of ships multiplied and varied according to purpose and primary mission.
The shipbuilding profession evolved with the development of the industry in order to keep pace with the types and sizes of ships and missions, particularly with the changing economic conditions in the region.
Asian and Arab ships have by far exceeded European vessels in terms of design, construction and performance during the early fifteenth century.
Embroidery is the handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn. Embroidery may also incorporate other materials such as metal strips, pearls, beads, quills, and sequins. Embroidery is most often used on caps, hats, coats, blankets, dress shirts, denim, stockings, and golf shirts. Embroidery is available with a wide variety of thread or yarn color.
The UAE, the world’s eighth largest oil producer, maintains a free-market economy and is also one of the most politically stable and secure in the region. This ensures that the country has a robust competitive edge as the region's premier commercial hub and second largest economy.

Economic growth in the UAE is steady despite a short-lived hiatus as the global economy faltered. Recovery was helped by high oil prices, increased government spending and a resurgence in tourism, transport and trade. In addition, successful restructuring of debt owed by high-profile companies, solidarity among the emirates and accommodative monetary and fiscal policies all played a role in bringing significant economic stability to the market.

economic prosperity achieved by UAE
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