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Travis Peck

on 30 September 2014

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Sexual Healing
Sex therapy involves the use of various techniques in order to address sexual dysfunctions and to improve the sexual well-being of the client.
What is Sex Therapy?
Sex Therapy
Sexual Dysfunction
Fully Loaded History
Our Sexperts
Dr. Peck
Dr. Mathur
Approaches to sex therapy
Emphasis on the physiology
Physical techniques
Evolving philosophy
Increasing acceptance and utilization
Somatic Sex Therapy
What are clients like?
Who uses it?
Sexological bodyworkers
Sex Coaches
Sex Surrogates
Practice what you preach
Sex Coach
Pleasure Mapping
Role “play”
Sex Education
Sexological Bodyworker
Savouring Touch
Breath work
Prostate Massage
Sexual Surrogate
Sensate Focus
Build confidence and skills
Pretend dates
Systemic Sex Therapy
Comprehensive and integrative approach
5 major components:
Individual, Biological & Medical
Individual & psychological
Dyadic relationship
Family of origin
Society, culture, history and religion
What is it?
Individual, Biological and Medical
Rule out any underlying physiological/biological problems
Individual and Psychological
Looks at multiple psychological characteristics of the individual
Personality disorders
Dydadic/Couple Relationship
Contributes to and maintains sexual dysfunction
Fears (dependency and intimacy)
Negative attributions
Family of Origin
Socialized messages of sexuality
Social & Cultural Environment
The interaction of social, cultural/religious beliefs, and values surrounding sexuality as well as sexual expression can influence the ability for a couple to form a healthy sexual relationship.
Evolving norms
Hi, I’m a thirty year old male, and I have an incredibly fulfilling relationship with my girlfriend. We’ve been together for three years but lately I’ve found that I’ve been unable to get an erection. I still find her drop-dead sexy, so I know that it’s not because I'm not attracted to her, and I know it’s not that I don’t want to have sex with her, I’m just not sure what to do. I’m only thirty so there must be another route than Viagra. Is there anything you can suggest?


Hi there, I’m writing on behalf of my best friend in the world, ‘Sally’. She’s confided in me that she has the condition Vaginismus, and I see that it’s wrecking her life. She feels that she can’t trust her partner of three years after seeing some close family members cheating on their spouses. I think she’s afraid of it happening to her, but I’m not 100% sure.

She’s seen a doctor, and they can’t find anything wrong with her physiologically, but she’s too scared to see a psychologist right now. At the same time she doesn’t want it to ruin her relationship/sex life. Is there any advice I could give her?


Happy Man
Sex therapy does not ONLY deal with sex!
Presenting Your Host
Cognitive Component:
Refers to the elimination of negative schemas
Get clients to think of sex and sexuality in a positive light
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
- very physical because it is believed that the client will learn through practicing
Somatic Sex Therapy
Holistic approach because person is part of a multi-faceted system
Systemic Sex Therapy
Ancient China
Ancient India
Ancient Greece
Victorian Era
The Ancients
Poppin' Your Comfort Zone!
Renowned Systemic Sex Therapy Expert
Author of over 120 books.
Bestseller is "Make it Hole Again"
Keynote speaker at Sexy Times Conference
Renowned Somatic Sex Therapist
Lectured, due to popular demand, in over 8 Provinces and 40 States
Born prophet who came to save us from boring sex
Innovator of Bodyworks Adult Amusement Park
Not covered by insurance
Treatment of sexual minorities
Chronic Illness and Disability
Impact of Medication on sexual functioning
What's the family's history?
Behavioural Component:

Encouragement of positive sexual experiences
Established through reinforcement
Self-awareness is used to achieve genuine arousal and passion
Aversion Approach
Masters & Johnson

: "What you are doing is NOT wrong or unusual..."

: "The facts are..."

: "Let's identify problems and make a plan..."

: "I would like to refer you over to a better qualified..."
Which of the following was not presented as an approach to sex therapy?

A) Systemic
B) Somatic
C) Gestalt
D) Existential
Why did doctors perform pelvic massages in the Victorian era?

A) To help with painful sex
B) To bring the wandering uterus back
C) To cure depression
D) To make childbirth easier
Systemic Sex Therapy does not include which of the following major components?

A) Dyadic/couple relationship
B) Social and Cultural Environment
C) Biological and Anatomical
D) Family of Origin
Under what conditions would a Systemic Sex therapist treat his her client?

A) When the client's sexual problem is solely due to psychological factors
B) When the client's sexual problem is completely/partially due to psychological factors
C) When the client's sexual problem is solely due to biological/physiological factors
D) None of the above
What were the two main types of somatic sex therapists we discussed today?

A) Sexological body workers and sexual surrogates
B) Sexual surrogates and sex coaches
C) Sex coaches and sexological bodyworkers
D) Prostitutes and masseurs
Role 'play' in somatic sex therapy involves doing what?

A) Acting out fantasies
B) Switching pleasure roles
C) Pretending you don't know your spouse
D) Using toys

All women experience orgasms the same way: a pelvic floor contraction and feelings of relaxation and contentedness.

Women on average experience orgasm more easily (and often find that they are more pleasurable) in the week following their period.

50% of men think their penises are too small, though most women think their male partners' penises are long enough.

Public sex is the most common fetish to have in western civilization.
Any Questions?
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