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FLVS - 5.06 Leadership Skills

No description

Denver Pomilban

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of FLVS - 5.06 Leadership Skills

he Four Leadership Styles
Leaders who are Respectful Enforcers also expect conflict but view it positively as a natural part of the way teams work (expectant). They are able to delegate tasks effectively to keep their teams on track (high).
Leaders who are Doormats are not comfortable delegating tasks (low) and like to avoid conflict at all costs (averse).
FLVS - 5.06 Leadership Skills
Denver Jake D. Pomilban | Leadership Skills P3
A project is given to the class. The instructor tells them that it can be done a group of four. One group assembles and consited of David, the only guy and four other girls as members. These four has been friends for quite some time now. Before beginning their project, they need to choose a leader. Let's see how they act in their group.
My name is David, and I was chosen to be the leader of this group. Before I was chosen, I can already tell what needs to be done and I just need my friends to do it correctly and on time! Otherwise, my grades will be on the ropes.
Leaders who are Warlords do not delegate tasks (low) because they often feel they are the only ones who can accomplish a task. They expect conflict and view it negatively—as a challenge to their authority (expectant).
I am Chelsea and I want to be in charge but somehow I end up always doing everything because everyone tend to not do their work!
Leaders who are Peacemakers are able to delegate tasks (high) but like to avoid conflict (averse) so they try to keep everyone on the team happy.
I am Claudia, and I don'really mind who stands as the leader as long as the project is done. As we all say, people need to be happy to excel!
My name is Sarah and just like Claudia, I don't really mind becoming the leader. However, I do want everyone to do their work because it is important to keep everything on track and how it should be.
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