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COMM 302

Kennia Cazares Kathy Chen Toni Gieuw COMM 302 4/27/2010

Toni Gieuw

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of COMM 302

The Effect of
Social Proof and Similarity
on Recruiting Students to join ASCA Introduction Review of Literature Research Question Methodology Results Discussion Limitations Implications/
Debriefing The Situation Kathy Chen
Kennia Cazares
Toni Gieuw Independent variables social proof
similarity Hypothesis How to improve Ready for something fun? mean willingness Dependent variable - students' willingness
in joining ASCA Research on Social proof: Cialdini, 2009
Schouten, 2008
Davis, Greve, & Rao, 2001
Chatman, 1991 Research on Similarity: Cialdini, 2009
Gueguen & Martin, 2009
Shouten, 2008
Schwab, Rynes, & Aldag, 1987 Research on college students: Feldman & Kaufman, 2004
Kelvin, 1970 Which one has a greater effect in influencing
students’ willingness in joining ASCA –
social proof or similarity? More students will be more willing to join Annenberg Student Communication Association (ASCA) when presented with an ad featuring an Annenberg student (similarity) than an ad featuring the large number of members in ASCA (social proof).
Online survey
Distributed to different COMM classes
mainly COMM 200 students
2 versions of the online survey
Hypothesis NOT supported
Social proof = more positive effect
Why? Mostly female subjects
Race/gender of the model
No pilot study
No control group
Unclear picture – logo not emphasized
Larger sample size
Use gender-specific ads
Include control group Group recruiting process The End. Survey 1 Survey 2 Two weeks later.. What are the variables of our study? How did we differentiate similarity and social proof in our surveys? Which group has a higher mean?
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