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Measurement and Evaluation Group Project

Wall Squat Assessment

Natalie Phillipps

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Measurement and Evaluation Group Project

Measurement and Evaluation Group Project WALL SQUAT TEST Brief History RECORDS SPSS Data Reason for Choosing Test Reliability and Validity Limitations ....................................................2008...........2010 World Record for Wall Squat Measurement and Evaluation
Class Test Procedure First Wall Squat Test World Record= 11 hours 51 minutes and 14 seconds Class Records
Male= 3.12 minutes
Female= 3.06 minutes Measures quadriceps strength endurance
Easy to execute
Good assessment for lower body strength
Great test for most sports
Accuracy of measurements
Environment {flat ground, flat wall, etc.}
Warm up
Time in the day
Knees sticking out Amount of sleep
Time of last meal eaten
Emotional state
Personality Uncontrollable Limitations of the Subject Controllable Limitations by administers N=33 Age Time Minimum= 20 0.44 sec
Maximum= 29 3.12 minutes Pearson Correlation
time/age= -0.163
Time/Gender= +0.079 Ratings Males Females Excellent > 100 sec > 60 sec
Good 75-100 45-60
Average 50-75 35-45
Below Average 25-50 20-35
Poor < 25 < 20 Norm reference Criteria Reliability= relates to the consistency or repeatability of an observation;the degree to which repeated measurements of the same trait are reproducible under the same conditions valilidity= the degree of the truthfulness of a test score Our Wall squat test is fairly reliable, being able to perform the same test
Again and recieving the same scores (or nearly the same). Our wall squat test is fairly valid, except that we would examine the subjects again the next day to recieve a more accurate score of their ability. ???
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