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Elapsed Time

My prezi for my 6th grade math class

Marissa Boland

on 2 June 2011

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Transcript of Elapsed Time

Elapsed Time Made for my 6th grade math class Elapsed time is easy to do. For those of you that are struggling with it though, I am here to help. You see the way I learned how to do it is with a simple method that I will share with you. Say it is 4:15 p.m When you start your homework. When you finish your homwork it is 5:07 p.m To find out how long it took you to do your homework, try this. Start with the starting time. 4:15 Then go to the nearest hour or halph hour. 4:30 Then by counting figure out how much time passed between the two numbers and write it down. 15 min. Keep trying the same way so this time we start with 4:30. 4:30 5:00 5:00 5:07 30 min. 7 min. FREEZE! Now that you are at the time when you finished your homework you stop. Now,the reason you wrote on the sides how much time had passed is because now we have to add them all up. So lets add up.... + + = 52min. All together it will end up looking like this.... Are answer in the end is:

It took 52 min. to do your homework. Elapsed time is very inmportant to learn to help you in life so I hope you learned about how to do elapsed time in my prezi Made by: Marissa Boland

aka the awesome one
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