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Poetic Devices used in Viva La Vida

lists some of the poetic devices in the song, viva la vida by coldplay and includes the literal and deeper meanings of the song

Aditi Kannan

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Poetic Devices used in Viva La Vida

Poetic Devices Used in Viva la Vida
The Literal Meaning
Everything happened so fast! When you are in power, you get caught up with your success, and time flies. In one instance, the king held the key to power. In fact, he held the "key" to many castles and kingdoms. And in a second, he lost EVERYTHING. The castles symbolized his power. He used his power to satisfy his desires. His castles stood on pillars of SALT and SAND. So, metaphorically speaking, he stood on a weak foundation. He took advantage of religion and used it to conquer and evangelize. With unlimited power, the king never gave honest word. He became a tyrant and later regretted being king.
The Deeper Meaning
Viva la Vida
Artist: Coldplay
Songwriter: Coldplay
BY: Aditi "ADT" Kannan:)
Devices and Terms
"Seas would rise when I gave the word" It's a hyperbole, because it exaggerates about the seas rising upon his will. It refers to the people that serve the king and would do exactly as he says.
Devices and Terms
"I hear Jerusalem bells are ring
Roman Cavalry choirs are sing
This is an example of Feminine Rhyme, where the rhyming words have two syllables. One syllable stressed, and another unstressed. In music, rhyme makes the melody work with the song, making it catchy and easy to remember.
Devices and Terms
An Example of an allusion is:
"for my head on a silver plate"
It refers to St. John the Baptist, who was beheaded and whose head was obtained by Salome.
"It was a wicked and wild wind"
is an example of alliteration, because three words have consonants that repeat.
It stresses the words that describe the wind.
"I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing
Roman Cavalry choirs are singing
Be my mirror, my sword, and shield
My missionaries in a foreign field"
This line is repeated, because, not only is it the chorus, but it also adds importance to the song, and emphasis on that stanza.
The End :)
Music and Lyrics
Church Bell
These instruments fit well with the theme of the lyrics of the song. Also, the genre of the song is baroque pop, which uses a lot of symphony instruments, such as the church bell, timpani and violin.
Why I like this song???
I've always been a big fan of Coldplay. Their lyrics are unique unlike every other song about LOVE. It gets kinda boring. I like Coldplay for their variety of music and their melodies. Their songs, such as Clocks, Life in Technicolor ii, The Scientist, and Princess of China are my all time favorites. Viva La Vida is one of their top hits, so it was the obvious choice.
Devices and Terms
"For my head on a silver plate
just a puppet on a lonely string"
It compares the king to the puppet on a lonely string. Because the king's men have turned on him, he is now alone, with no one to defend him.
The song is about someone who is really popular and well liked. Someone who felt like they had it all, when suddenly, they crumble. This person messes up, or does something wrong, and now they realize that their "kingdom" wasn't even real- "I used to rule the world". And all those who used to like them wouldn't always believe in them. It was all really just almost like a hoax, a dream.
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