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Nevada Pathway Project: To Infinity and Beyond

No description

Jennifer Butera

on 22 May 2011

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Transcript of Nevada Pathway Project: To Infinity and Beyond

How has my teaching changed...
I am more.
I am more willing to take risks in my teaching.
I have more patience with myself. How has student engagement changed?
Students are willing to try anything.
They show enthusiasm and higher levels of engagement when using technology. The Worst:
the beginning of each module, trying to sort through the assignments to make sense of what needed to be done; the constant feeling I should be working on the assignments. What I learned... How much work? A lot. The average
was supposed to be about three hours
a week,which doesn't sound unmanageable but I found it a challenge to find that much uninterrupted time. The Best Part of the Project:
Playing with cool technology. Using the MacBook Pro. Access to new ideas like Prezi. Nevada Pathways Project
Technology Grant 2009-2011
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