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This is me

No description

Kimmie Taggart

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of This is me

This is my story
This is me
Anything with wheat, barley, and soy in it, is gluten which is celiac. If you have celiac, then you can't have gluten
When someone has celiac, it does not mean that they can't have anything whatsoevever. And it doesnt mean that they are gross because what they eat is gross.
We need to show respect for people who have different bodies than us. We shouldnt judge people just by what they eat.
I am Kimberly Taggart, and this is me.
People who have celiac get teased. They are called idiots for eating "disgusting food."
I have celiac. And I think its awesome, because it helps me with my health.
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