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Smart Meter

No description

Chad Whittaker

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Smart Meter

Chad Whittaker, Sara Bidar, Rishi Matharoo, and Jude Dupart Smart Meter INTRODUCTION The current electric infrastructure in the United States is aged and inefficient. Due to the rapid growth and heightened use of electricity, power consumption is at an all time high and it is driving both costs, and pollution up, creating a drastic need for innovation.

The idea of a smart grid has been introduced as a solution to our aging system as a method of creating an efficient and sustaining system that intelligently divides up energy consumption and distribution. The adoption of a Smart Grid would benefit the customer, energy companies and planet as a whole. The "Smart Grid" WHAT IS A SMART METER? A Smart Meter is a device that provides two-way communications between between a house/building and the electric grid. More Control of Monthly Electric Costs Data collected by the Smart Meter provides people with valuable information which gives them more control of their monthly electric costs. Radio Frequency Mesh Technology Each Smart Meter has a network radio which sends the collected data to a network access point. Using radio frequency (RF) mesh technology data is able to be transmitted securely to other meters and relay devices. 3 Different Displays How to Read a Smart Meter Cool Features of a Smart Meter This is a thermostat that can communicate with the Smart Meter and control the HVAC and cooling system in a building. For example, the Smart Meter collects information about how the consumer prefers the temperature in the house at different times of the day. The Smart Meter then controls the thermostat to reduce energy usage while also keeping the occupants of the house comfortable. Programmable Controllable Thermostat A Direct Load Control Device is an appliance that can be controlled by the Smart Meter to use energy at efficient times of day.

- Washer and Dryer
- Refrigerator
- Dish Washer
- Energy savings Direct Load Control Devices
- view your hourly, daily, weekly energy usage so you can make smarter energy choices

- mobile updates on your phone to alert you when you are entering a higher priced electric tier

- smart appliances that can avoid energy usage during peak hours Energy Savings Opportunities Distribution Automation AEP Ohio is in the process of implementing a Community Energy Storage in certain areas. This “storage area” would work like a neighborhood battery that can charge up during off-peak hours. This energy can then be used during power outages or when energy is at high demand and would be cheaper to be taken from the storage area. Community Energy Storage Many utility customers have reported new or worsening health
problems since the utility smart meter has been installed in their
home or neighborhood.
Acc. to a recent consumer report on ABC news, smart meters
can cause high blood pressure, skin rashes,
Insomnia, nightmares, stress, agitation,concentration,
problems and physical weakness. HEALTH CONCERNS The Smart Meter has the same functions as the traditional analog meter; both meters measure and record energy usage. A little background... Online User Access The Smart Meter intermittently sends data to the electrical company which can then be viewed online by Smart Meter users. Smart Meter vs Traditional Meter No more being left on hold Direct communication with power company Re-route power Anticipate power failures Less power outings! Residents have been blaming the smart
meter for fires. Magda Havas, Professor of environmental
and resource studies at Trent univ.
in Canada says that the smart meters are potential time bombs as they expose millions to pulsed microwave radiation. Rishi add Reference SMART METER OR GOVERNMENT SPY? Q & A... Maybe one day YOU will have a Smart Meter! The two-way communication feature of the Smart Meter is the main difference between the Smart Meter and the analog meter. 1. Power Status Display

2. Cumulative Electric Usage Display

3. Electric Demand Reading (for power company use) Despite the numerous allegations, smart meters
do have a lot of benefits to offer.
1. It allows for faster outage detection and
restoration of service and therefore less disruption
to a customer's home or business
2. Provides customers with greater control over
their electricity use by giving more choices in managing
their electricity consumption and bills.
3. Helps the environment by reducing the need to
build power plants or avoiding the use of less
efficient power plants.
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