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Music Theory - Porfirio Gueiros

Initial Music course for The Image Church

Porfirio Gueiros

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Music Theory - Porfirio Gueiros

Music Theory Music is a universal art There is theory behind everything!
Music is no different! A unique form of COMMUNICATION Was created by God. It’s in us. A way to memorize things
and share our feelings. Musical Elements Sound Rhythm Melody Harmony What is SOUND? Pitch Low Mid High Duration Intensity Timbre Tone Colour voices Is what we sing Is what we play Is what we hear Is what we feel What is Rhythm? Musical Cadence Rhythm is everywhere bpm What is Melody? What is Harmony? In Music and in Life everything is better when we do it TOGETHER and with HARMONY!! MUSIC NOTATION Music writing and Reading You can play any instrument without formal studying self-taught musicians Virtuosos Music Elements Bar Lines Pentagram Clefs or Staff MUSICAL SIGNS OR FIGURES The most important time in music is PRACTICE time Instruments are also divided into:
Low, Mid & High Pitch sounds
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