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Year 12 unit 1 attributes/values

No description

Natalie Fenn

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of Year 12 unit 1 attributes/values

Employee attributes
and values

Know what the term ‘attribute’ and ‘employability’ means

Understand what attributes employers desire/value in an employee

Be able to create a group mind map looking at desirable attributes in employees
Learning Objectives

Sort the cards into three categories;
1. employability skills
2. employability qualities
3. employability values
Choose four of the Employability Skills, Qualities and Values Cards.

Write a short definition of the words that appear on the cards.

Allocate a reporter from your group he/she must read your definitions to the rest of the class.
Group collaborative mind map on mind meister

what are desirable attributes in employees?
Definitions of employability skills range from a vague notion of having
something to do with preparing for a first job, through to very precise lists of specific skills, and on to employability being seen as a learning process.
The range of different definitions and the contexts in which they are used
ultimately lead to confusion.....

Employability means what it says – it’s about having the skills needed to perform well at work.

Employability development has three aspects:

The development of employability attributes
The development of self-promotional and career management skills
A willingness to learn and reflect on learning.
Definition 1
Employability is a set of attributes, skills and knowledge that all labour market participants should possess to ensure they have the capability of being effective in the workplace – to the benefit of themselves, their employer and the wider economy. There are eight top employability skills:

Self management
Team working
Problem solving
Communication – application of literacy
Business awareness
Customer care
Application of numeracy
Application of ICT.
Definition 2
DfES (2006). Employability: An introduction for Subject Learning Coaches
Confederation of British Industry (2007). Shaping up for the future: the business vision for education and skills
no single set of skills that are accepted as
as universally applicable
- I can... (skills);
- I am... (qualities); and
- I believe in... (values).
Employers from different sectors explain what the term 'employability' means to them and what skills they think are important for graduates to have in today's job market.

Write down a word on the whiteboards that would describe someone who is good at their job
Task 3
Task 2
Task 4
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