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Stay cool with FrozenFun

Jay Cruz

on 24 February 2013

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Transcript of YoYogurt

Frozen Yogurt
freshly handcrafted

Individual servings & toppings

Healthy and low in calories Why Yogurt? a milk product with a unique flavour

contains an ingredient called "probiotics"

strengthens your immune system Benefits of Yogurt Objectives Market analysis Stay cool with FrozenFun To increase customers awareness promotional
Decision making is difficult

The company is pretty unknown

Lack of human resources Weaknesses
High qualified staff

Good corporate image

Healthy product Strengths
Heavy competition

Low demand

Too many flavours Threats
Product development

Market penetration

New target groups Opportunities SWOT
Analysis Competitor Analysis tables and seats in front their stores extend the product range self-serving
Frozen Yogurt
machines get well known tables and seats in front their stores Comparison between Austria and England better known and
appreciated in England people in England are more healthy-conscious Segmentation Children and teens
with different nationalities
and different cultural backgrounds affordable and
high quality product health conscious
people diabetics Aleksander Ergic
Project employee Priya Kaushal
Project employee Marijan Pavlovic
Project head Jairus Pineda
Project employee Project Team Franchise company
founded in 2001
Donauzentrum since 2009
Andrea Alberti
80 stores Company profile Marketing Mix 4 Ps Product
Healthy and tasteful

Many toppings

New product

Convenience Product Place B2C


About 200 customers per day Introduce new flavors Brand extension Partnership opportunities:
Fitness centers
Convenience Stores Price competitor-oriented

Higher than average

From € 3 to € 4.50

Family box for € 8 Free Frozen Yogurt on birthdays

Free Frozen Yogurt for frequent purchases Promotion
Social network

Bonus cards


Word of mouth
What is CRM?

business strategy that helps to:

Understand the customers
Keep customers by effective customer experience
Attract new customers
Decrease customer management costs CRM (Customer relationship management) Ethical Risk Risks Seasonal Risk Sales could drop in Winter Possible Solutions:
* Seasonal Toppings
* Hot desserts Long Term Risk People could have concerns about "healthy" Frozen Yogurt Fat and calories from toppings Solution: give more detailed information
make consumers aware of Frozen Yogurt

many flyers with informative facts

remind consumers about the product: gift cards, leaflets

“Design” an own Facebook Group “YoYogurt”

Tasting stands: presentation and tasting Frozen Yogurt Our Suggestions THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! CRM
4 Ps


Competitor Analysis

Comparison between
Austria and England

Our Suggestions Company Profile

Why Yogurt?

Our Objectives


Segmentation Content Voucher
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