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Kaki season 2011

No description

Priscilla Wolf

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of Kaki season 2011

Brazilian Kaki
Season 2011 Where is the kaki grown?
Our dedicated kaki grower, Sitio Kawabata, is located in Pilar do Sul, in São Paulo.
kaki season
The first Brazilian kakis by air are expected end February / beginning of March. 
The first boat kakis are expected mid March.
The Brazilian Kaki season lasts until the end of June. Kaki Kaki is a native Chinese fruit. It is a deep orange, waxy fruit of which the shape is similar to a tomato. The flesh is orange coloured, has a sweet, peach-like flavour and a viscous texture. The fruit contains no seeds and can easily be eaten out of hand. Brazilian Kaki Packaging Product details Variety : Kaki
Country of origin : Brazil
Shelf life : 7 days
Season : March - June
Packaging : Many options ask our
sales team for specific
information. From week 17 until week 22 we have promotion possibilities. Storage and handling In store: Display Kaki alongside apples.
Creating a mixed display with products with similar usage can encourage impulse buying
Kaki should be stored and displayed in dry and cool places.
Shelf life, once they reach your market, is 7 days, when refrigeratored.
For best flavor, they should be consumed within a few days In home: Kaki should be ripen at room temperature. They are ripe when the fruit is a bit soft and has a deep orange skin.
Refrigerate ripe kaki for best storage life, up to one week, and let it return to room temperature before eating or using it in recipes. Over the years, Nature's Pride has become an expert of Brazilian Kakis and can therefore guarantee the following:
Daily fresh deliveries
Strict quality and colour selection
Shelf life up to 7 days
Different packaging possibilities
Global G.A.P certified limes
Track and traceability
Stored and distributed following the IFS Logistics and BRC Storage & Distribuition requirements We guarantee:
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