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Jessica Smith

on 9 September 2016

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Transcript of SMART GOALS

SMART example:
SMART defined:

- After seeing that most of her days are full of classes, work and social things, Lisa decides to sacrifice sleep in order to make it to yoga every morning by 5:30AM; she knows she wants to feel good and she's willing to sacrifice!

How do SMART Goals relate to what you hope to achieve in life?

- Lisa decides to start with yoga, every morning, for the 1st term.

- Lisa hears that yoga will make her stronger, more flexible, and feel more alert throughout the day.

Goal thought:
Lisa wants to get fit.

- Though 5:30AM sounds horrifying to other college students, Lisa has always been a morning person! She has decided that mornings will work best for her to ensure she will get yoga done daily.

- Lisa knows she will be busy and feels that focusing on one-type of exercise/healthy experience for a term will work best for her. She'll change it up in winter term.
For Lisa:
She wants to be fit so she creates the small goal of taking yoga lessons every day for one quarter.
Goal Setting: SPECIFIC
What exactly do I want to achieve?
With whom?
What are the conditions and limitations?
Why exactly do I want to reach this goal?
Ask yourself:
Being happier is not evidence;
not smoking anymore because you adhere to a healthy lifestyle of food and exercise, is!
Measurable goals means that you identify
exactly what it is you will see, hear, and feel
when you reach your goal...
and you'll need concrete evidence!
Goal Setting: ACHIEVABLE
Investigate whether your goal is acceptable to you by weighing the effort, time and other costs that it will take to achieve it.
Then, shoot for the stars!
Goal Setting: REALISTIC
Does your goal fit who you are setting yourself up to become? Is it relevant? Do your values align with your goal? Do you really want to be a CEO, be famous, be a parent and sleep less than 4 hours a night? If it fits you, okay!
Ultimately, why do you want to reach this goal? What is the objective behind the goal, and will this goal really achieve that?
Goal Setting: TIME-BOUND
Create a deadline that will catapult you into action!
Begin with a large goal then narrow it down so that
you can achieve it.
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