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Howard Schultz

No description

Chris Santos

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Howard Schultz

Starting a Business
Other information
Awardes he got
Ownership of the Seattle SuperSonics
By: Jordan Perez Per. 2
Howard Schultz
Who is Howard Schultz
After Graduating
Born on july 19, 1953
Howard was born in Brooklyn, New York, United States

He is best known as the chairman and CEO of starbucks and a fromer owner of the Seattle Supersonics
Howard D. Schultz was born to a jewish family
In 2012, Forbes magazine ranked Schultz as the 354th richest person in the United States
Howard Schultz is the 931st richest person globely
As Schultz's family was poor, he found saw an escape in sports such as baseball, and basketball
In high school, Shultz excelled sports and was awarded an athletic scholatrship to Northern Michigan University- the first perosn in his family to go to college.
After graduating, he worked as a salesperson for Xerox Corporation and he was quickly promoted to a full sale representive
In 1979 he became a genral manager for Swedish drip coffee maker manufacturer, Hammerplast, where he became responsible for their U.S. operation with a staff of twenty.
In 1981, schultz visited a client of hammerplast, a fledgling coffee-bean shop called Starbucks Coffee Company in Seattle
A year later he joined Starbucks Coffee as the Director of Markertin
On a buying trip to Milan, Italy for Starbucks, Schults noted that coffee bars existed on practically every street. He learned that they not only served excellent espresso
On his return, he tried to persuade the owners(including Jerry Baldwin) to offer traditional espresso bevrages in additionto the whole bean coffe, leaf teas and spices they longed offered
Schultz needed $4000,000 to open the first store and started a bussiness
After the owners said no, Schultz decided to leave Starbucks in 1985
He simply didnt have the money and his wife was pregent with the first baby
Jerry Baldwin and Gordon Bowker offered to help, and also he received $100,000 from a doctor who was impressed by schultz energy to take a gamble
By 1986, he raised all the money he needed to open the first store ll giornale after the Milanese newspaper
Two years later, the origanal starbucks managment decided to focus on Peet"s coffe & Tea and sold its starbucks retail unit to Schultz and ll Giornale for $3.8 million
Schultz renamed ll Giornale with the starbucks name, and aggressively expanded its reach across the United States.
Schultz did not believe in franchising, adnmade a point of having Starbucks retain ownership to every domestic outlet
Schultz authored the book ​Pour Your Heart Into It: How Starbucks Built a Company One ​Cup at a Time ​with dori Yang in 1997
He also wrote ​ Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life Without Losing Its Soul ​​wiht Joanne Gordon, was publisherd in 2011
At this time, Schultz was earning a total compensation of $9,740,471 which included a base salary of $1,190,000 and options granted of $7,786,105
Schultz is the fromer owner of the NBA.s Seattle SuperSonics
During his tesure as team owner, he was criticized for his naivete and propensity to run the franchise as a business rather than a sport
On July 18, 2006 Schultz sold the team to Clayton Bennett, chairman of the Professional Basketabll Club LLC
Schultz sold the team for 350 million dollars after having failed to convice the city of seattle to provide public funding to build a new arena
on july 2, 2008, the city of seattle reached a settlement with the new ownership group and the supersonics moved to Oklahoma city and became the Thunder for the 2008-09 NBA season.
In a local newspaper, Schultz was judged most responsible for the team leaving seattle.
On January 8, 2008, Bennett sold the Storm to Force 10 Hoop, LLC, an ownership group of four Seattle women, which kept the team in Seattle
Before the city of seattle settled with the Oklahoma city ownership group, Schultz filed a lawsuit against clayton Bennett
On January 8, 2008, Bennett sold the Storm to Force 10 Hoop, LLC, an ownership group of four Seattle women, which kept the team in Seattle
In 1999, Schultz was awarded the National Leadership Award for philanthropic and educational efforts to battle AIDS
The Recpient of the 2004 International Distinguiashed Entreprenuer Awards, presented to him from the university of Manitoba for his outstanding succes and cmmendable conduct of Starbucks
In 2007 he recieved the First Respondsible Captitalism Award
On March 29, 2007, schultz accepted the Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C, Award for Ethics in Business at the Mendoza College of business at the University of Notre Dame.
Schultz became Fortune Magazine's 2011 Businessperson of the year for his initatives in the economy and job market
In 1982, schultz married sheri Kersch
They have two children, Ellahu Jordan ( born on 1986) and addison( born on 1982)
Howard D. Schultz makes $26,934,007.7 yearly
Schultz is an investor in Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt, Lululemon, Activewear,Eba, and groupon
Hopward Schoultz's son Eliahu Jordan Schultz is a sportswriter for the huffington post
Howard's son Eliahu married Breanna Lind Hawes in a civil ceremony in 2011, they were later maried by a rabbi
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